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Recipe tasty squash caviar

Рецепт вкусной кабачковой икры
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Pumpkin caviar certainly ate each. Hardly once. But she was almost always purchase from various manufacturers, and the question of why you do not do it, women silently shrugged their shoulders, and men asked another question - why? And everything could not explain why squash caviar from vegetables, the color of which is absolutely green, banks - a red-orange?



Just thought I was. While one of my girlfriend to my question, as it is necessary to prepare, replied tersely - elementary, and very detailed account as. Now, knowing how to cook squash caviar, and want to share it with you. And the fact that it really is very simple, just below you can see for yourself.
To prepare the squash caviar, you will need:
zucchini - about 800 grams
Рецепт вкусной кабачковой икры

carrots - 300 grams (I always take a little more to the color of squash caviar was more orange)
Рецепт вкусной кабачковой икры

250 ... 300 grams of onion,
Рецепт вкусной кабачковой икры

three ... four large cloves of garlic,
Рецепт вкусной кабачковой икры

and two large and juicy tomato. If they are not enough red and ripe, then squash caviar does not acquire the same reddish tint, so you can cheat a little bit. Number of tomatoes increase twice, but do not forget to add a spoonful of sugar, otherwise the finished squash caviar is highly acidic.
Рецепт вкусной кабачковой икры

In addition you will need salt (heaped teaspoons)
Рецепт вкусной кабачковой икры

and 50 ml of vegetable oil. That's it, proceed to the cooking.
Самая вкусная кабачковая икра

The pan with high sides, pour vegetable oil and set it on fire. And while it is heated, cut onions. Not fine (still then everything peretrёm blender), but not large, so it is good from all sides blushed, not just browned.
Самая вкусная кабачковая икра

Now, just like onion, chopped carrot. When the onions begin to take on a yellowish tint (this three ... four minutes), spread carrots and mix.
Самая вкусная кабачковая икра

While Ruddy has two vegetable zucchini cut into large cubes. We put and them, add garlic, salt and cover with lid, cook on low heat so seven more ... ten minutes. And in general - cook them until zucchini become quite soft, so it pogotovit them longer.
Самая вкусная кабачковая икра

Now squash caviar to grind, so powerful you just need a blender. Finished pasty mass lay in the same frying pan,
Самая вкусная кабачковая икра

tomatoes cut in half and rub it directly into the pan so that the tough skin remains in your hands.
Самая вкусная кабачковая икра

Now everything simmer together for another ten minutes. And do not forget to stir a few times, otherwise just pristynet squash caviar.
Самая вкусная кабачковая икра

That's all the wisdom of cooking squash caviar. The only thing - she needs to cool at least to room temperature. And the rest - you have just seen how easy it is.
Enjoy your meal.

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