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Stewed sweet peppers

Stewed sweet peppers
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I bet that once you read the title of the recipe – Stewed sweet peppers and imagine him, the imagination itself was created with a delicious, summer-fall vegetable dish, is only a rough consistency. As the outside, dense skin of this vegetable, keeps food from many of you.



However,  I will try to dispel these fears, and prove to you that it can be not only very, very tasty (though it still have to cook), but also very gentle. And, as usual, to cook it very simply and takes very little time.
So, once we prepare stewed sweet peppers, we need it. What color is up to you, but definitely fleshy and ripe. Just six ... seven pieces.
Stewed sweet peppers

Also will need:
• two medium carrots,
Stewed sweet peppers

• as many onions,
Stewed sweet peppers

• three-four large tomato,
Stewed sweet peppers

• several cloves of garlic,
Stewed sweet peppers

• incomplete spoon of salt,
Stewed sweet peppers

• vegetable oil for frying. Everything seems, therefore, proceed.
The pepper whole,  not cleaned from the stalk and seeds, put bake in the oven. 30 ... 35 minutes, the temperature of 180 degrees. Then put it in a jar and close tight lid. If still comes, and we'll do the rest of the ingredients in our stew of sweet peppers.
Stewed sweet peppers

Clean the carrots,finely chop,
Stewed sweet peppers

also do it with onions.
Stewed sweet peppers

In a pan pour two or three tablespoons of vegetable oil and put it on the fire to warm up.
And while the oil heats, RUB the tomato halves so that the dense skin remained in my hands, but the thick juice was on the plate.
Stewed peppers

Now, when the oil is hot enough, put in onions. So ... fry three to four minutes, until he begins to golden,
Stewed peppers

and then add to it your carrot. Fry together for another few minutes.
Stewed peppers

Meanwhile take the time to cool down our peppers. It gave a lot of fluid, it should be strained. We clean from the outside, even had time to turn black, skin, seeds and stalk. Cut into narrow strips,
Stewed peppers

and put in the pan.
Stewed peppers

After a minute add tomato juice and simmer under cover over low heat, 10 to 12 minutes.
Stewed peppers

While there, one feature I forgot: a teaspoon of sugar. It, along with crushed through a press garlic and salt, put in our almost finished dish
Stewed peppers

stir and simmer so two ... three minutes.
Stewed peppers

That's all wisdom, our stewed peppers ready. It can be serve and eat immediately but it tastes better at room temperature, so you'll have to wait. Although this is a matter of taste.
Stewed peppers

But otherwise – enjoy your meal.

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