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Russian cake "Tula honey-cake "

Russian cake "Tula honey-cake "
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To bake this Russian cake demanded from me my younger son almost in the form of an ultimatum "you cook for everybody, but for me – anything". And the fact that it will be Tula honey-cake with condensed milk – "merit" of the eldest son. Therefore, under their tenacity, I gave up and went to the kitchen. And what I got, I will now tell you.



And, looking ahead, I note: it was great, and soon, I will make it again but with a different filling. And now prepare Tula honey-cake with boiled condensed milk.
For this you need:
• wheat flour – two and a half ... three glasses (if more you understand yourself, when you knead the dough),
Russian cake "Tula gingerbread"

• a Cup of sugar,
Russian cake "Tula gingerbread"

• three ... four tablespoons of honey,
Russian cake "Tula gingerbread"

• two eggs,
Russian cake "Tula gingerbread"

• can(380 grams) sweetened condensed milk
Russian cake "Tula gingerbread"

• a teaspoon of baking soda,
Russian cake "Tula gingerbread"

• tablespoon of ground cinnamon,
Russian cake "Tula gingerbread"

• 100 grams of butter.
Russian cake "Tula gingerbread"

Although today you can easily buy already boiled condensed milk, I prefer to do it myself. And so – in a pot of water, two hours after boiling, and make sure that this does not boil dry. And give a few hours then for can to cool down, do not open immediately.
Russian cake "Tula gingerbread"

Of all of the remaining ingredients knead the dough. It is rather steep (not sticks to your hands), so add the flour gradually. And be sure to melt butter, it's important.
Divide it in half and roll out a thin layer. I have this small baking sheet from the oven, so it turns out just perfect.
Russian cake "Tula gingerbread"

Now roll out the second crust. And here lay a baking tray with baking paper or just grease it with oil – decide. Put a sweetened condensed milk (we make the Tula honey-cake with condensed milk) and make it
russian cake recipe

and cover with a second layer of dough. Pinch it along the contour (ordinary fork), and on 25 minutes put into the oven. Bake on the middle shelf at 180 ... 190 degrees.
russian cake recipe

When the baking time is about to end (don't let my mistake, in no case do not do it in advance), the Affairs of the glaze. To do this, three  heaped tablespoons of sugar, pour two tablespoons of water, and two minutes put it into the microwave.
russian cake recipe

Take out and mix until until sugar is completely dissolved.
russian cake recipe

Our Tula honey-cake with condensed milk is almost ready. Get it out
russian cake recipe

pour the glaze, and put back in hot oven up for an hour ... and a half.
russian cake recipe

We get chilled Tula honey-cake with condensed milk, sliceit and serve. And as you can see, nothing tricky about it.
russian cake recipe

So, Bon appétit.

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