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Оладьи классические рецепт
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Recipe for making these pancakes that most housewives lion prepare it for breakfast, I found the wife, among the most favorite recipes. Simple step by step cooking, gently derived childish handwriting in blue notebook with an already yellowed pages.



And since it is already more than a dozen years, and already my children learn his "full-length", can be called it the most simple recipes for classic pancakes.
So, to prepare these classic pancakes, we need 200 grams (one tall glass) flour
Оладьи классические рецепт

250 ml (still the same glass) of liquid yogurt,
Оладьи классические рецепт

tablespoon of sugar with a slide,
Оладьи классические рецепт

one egg,
Оладьи классические рецепт

a small pinch of salt,
Оладьи классические рецепт

and the same amount of baking soda.
Оладьи рецепт классический на кефире

Knead the dough out of it. If it turned out very liquid as thin pancakes, add another ... two tablespoons of flour.
Оладьи рецепт классический на кефире

The pan liberally pour vegetable oil and set it on fire. When it is well warmed up, a tablespoon (this will be our ideal standards) had time to pour our stand dough. And do not try to fill the entire pan, the effect is the opposite as expected: either our classic pancakes Bree, or do not rise, or will remain raw inside.
Оладьи рецепт классический на кефире

20 ... 30 seconds (thickness pans at all different), turn our classic pancakes and reduce heat, saute another minute and a half .... And so, until all the dough is finished, and the number of classical cooked pancakes on the contrary, will not increase.
Оладьи рецепт классический на кефире

That's all the wisdom. And to the very classic pancakes post sour cream, honey or condensed milk. Although better - all at once. Believe me, definitely will not be dissatisfied.
Оладьи рецепт классический на кефире

Enjoy your appetite.

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