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Potato croquettes recipes with photos

Картофельные крокеты рецепты с фото
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Imagine the situation completely, who was with me in reality. The hostel, a strange city and painfully long preparation for the state exam. Time to complete cooking "three-course" not at all, but the sausage with pasta is simply no longer enough. And I have prepared this "something" is quite simple, satisfying and very tasty.



And all of two main components, meat (just take the stuffing, so save a lot of time)
Картофельные крокеты рецепты с фото

and potatoes. Both components need roughly equal amounts, such as a pound for pound.
Картофельные крокеты рецепты с фото

Ah yes, years later, I learned that my unidentified "culinary masterpiece" is absolutely clear title: potato croquettes with meat. Well, so, so wrong. So today we have a menu with meat croquettes.
In addition, we need three chicken eggs (if small, then go ahead and take four)
Картофельные крокеты рецепты с фото

a large package of bread crumbs,
Картофельные крокеты рецепты с фото

cup flour, salt, ground black pepper, sugar and vegetable oil.
Картофельные крокеты рецепты с фото

Peeling potatoes, fill with water and set on fire. Cook as usual mashed potatoes until cooked. So, add sugar (but not in any way do not salt, or longer will be prepared), and 20 minutes after boiling, over low heat, and under the hood.
While potatoes are cooked, five ... seven minutes in vegetable oil fry the mince. As soon as you put in the pan, stir it, not to get one big shapeless cutlet.
Картофельные крокеты рецепты с фото

Potatoes cooked. Drain the water, well shuffled her
Крокеты картофельные рецепт

and in the same pan add one teaspoon of salt, a third - ground black pepper, two eggs, a semi minced meat and again well-shuffled. Give a little cool, so a five-seven minutes ... forget semi-finished meat croquettes easy on the table.
Крокеты картофельные рецепт

At 170 degrees set to heat up the oven. Our three "boning" component harvests and begin to "create".
First ball, rolled up wet hands, collapses in agony,
Крокеты картофельные рецепт

then - in the egg (take a broad capacity, it will be much easier)
Крокеты картофельные рецепт

and now in breadcrumbs.
Крокеты картофельные рецепт

Baking is better to lay a baking paper, and it is almost ready to spread our croquettes with meat. And so - one by one, until all the stuffing is finished. This - the weight on one standard baking, so if you have more - get ready that at one time all the croquettes with meat simply do not vlezut. They should not fit tightly against one another, otherwise crisp, dense crust you simply will not work.
Крокеты картофельные рецепт

Baking of 15 ... 20 minutes, the uppermost shelf. When croquettes with meat ready - right; Ideas and eat them, because they cool down very quickly.
Крокеты картофельные рецепт

That's all wisdom, potato croquettes with meat ready. Enjoy your appetite.

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