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Coffee ice cream.

Кофейное мороженое
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When his wife saw me on the monitor beginning of the text of this recipe, very surprised, "Why ice cream with coffee flavor, if it - an ordinary coffee ice cream, neither give nor take." However, some I do not agree with it, because coffee is not the basis, but only emphasizes his, giving unique, special and recognizable taste.



Therefore, the first step is to make coffee. It is advisable not soluble and natural, from ground beans. Since the taste and smell of it gets much richer and richer. And if you're in the kitchen there is a very simple coffee maker, then at least make some sort of real coffee.
For this set of 250 ml of water to boil.
Кофейное мороженое

Then 15 grams of ground coffee (tablespoon with slide)
Кофейное мороженое

fill it with boiling water, and closing the lid, leave to cool. When the coffee reaches room temperature (approximately 20 ... 30 minutes), gently merge it to the sediment remains at the bottom, and we received about 200 ml of flavored and very strong drink.
Кофейное мороженое

Yolks of three large eggs (if pullets - boldly take four)
Кофейное мороженое

with 200 grams of sugar,
Кофейное мороженое

Anew fray. So resourceful mixer or blender with whisk you just need.
Кофейное мороженое в домашних условиях

250 ml of milk, preferably warm (30 seconds in the microwave and everything is ready)
Кофейное мороженое в домашних условиях

again, beat,
Кофейное мороженое в домашних условиях

had time to cool down and adding coffee, put on a steam bath. Stirring constantly, so the yolks do not grasp, and the base remained homogeneous, so warm up for about 10 minutes. I, on the insistence of his wife forever reinsure increase this time by almost half. But the taste or texture of the ice cream with coffee flavor, this "modernization" has no effect.
Кофейное мороженое в домашних условиях

Now set aside and give basis to cool. Lush foam, despite the fact that it was warming up very much, will completely disappear.
Кофейное мороженое в домашних условиях

400 ... 500 ml (depending on the package) fatty cream
Кофейное мороженое в домашних условиях

whisk well in lush air foam
Рецепт кофейного мороженого

mixed with the second component of our ice cream with coffee flavor and remove the freeze in the freezer.
Рецепт кофейного мороженого

However, after an hour We reach it, stir, especially from the bottom, and then remove. This procedure will have to be repeated again and undertaking to remove it completely solidify. Depending on the "anger" of your freezer and the shape of the selected dishes for freezing, it will last from five to nine hours.
Рецепт кофейного мороженого

We reach, we give our ice cream with coffee flavor razmёrzutsya five minutes, and laid in a vase in portions.
Рецепт кофейного мороженого

That's all the cunning and wisdom of ice cream with coffee flavor. Enjoy your appetite.

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