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Ice cream creme brulee

Мороженое крем брюле рецепт
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Russian desserts
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Despite the fact that I have prepared for the season, several varieties of ice cream, and some - not once, this is what ice cream creme brulee was the most loved and welcome cool treat in my kitchen.



Moreover, children and spouse, and myself, absolutely agree with this. And the guests who find themselves at the next birthday party at my house, categorically stated that without a prescription, and most important - step master class, they just will not go away. And though his threat they have not implemented regularly, has consistently reminded me of this pledge once more to prepare and detail, with photos, describe the preparation of ice cream creme brulee. What I actually do.
Total for the preparation of large amounts of ice cream creme brulee, you will need 250 grams of sugar. And part of it is necessary to prepare the caramel, which gives the unforgettable taste of the original color. If you like a darker, almost brown ice cream creme brulee, it will take 50 to 50, I take a third.
Мороженое крем брюле рецепт

Besides well in advance zagotovte glass of warm, almost hot milk, so it was handy.
Мороженое крем брюле рецепт

Further, the most crucial part. Metered sugar is poured into a stainless pan or ladle and put on fire. Constantly interfering, sugar should be liquid and caramelized. But not perezhgite it, otherwise everything will have to start again.
Мороженое крем брюле рецепт

When he became a homogeneous liquid, but not yet dark and bitter, fill it with milk and do not stop quickly stir until it is completely dissolved.
Мороженое крем брюле рецепт

Now remove the main basis of our future ice cream creme brulee and give it to cool to room temperature. This happens quickly, but if you absolutely can not wait - overlaid container with ice cubes.
Мороженое крем брюле рецепт

From four eggs take only yolks (whites I usually use in casseroles or for preparing meringue)
Мороженое крем брюле рецепт

and with the remaining sugar fray without corrections. Whipping have long since sugar is completely dissolved and should not squeak on the teeth.
Мороженое крем брюле рецепт

Combine milk-caramel base and the yolks with the sugar, stir and set aside.
Мороженое крем брюле рецепт

500 ml heavy cream for whipping,
Домашнее мороженое крем брюле

need to beat this well. Just do not carried away, otherwise turn out not treat the air, and a semi-oil serum.
Домашнее мороженое крем брюле

Combine them with the other component of our ice cream creme brulee, stir lightly, so as not to lose the lightness and an hour remove the freeze.
Домашнее мороженое крем брюле рецепт

And then it gets even easier: got - mixed, particularly from the bottom - again removed. Again hour.
Домашнее мороженое крем брюле рецепт

The procedure is the same, but now no longer remove one, and a minimum of six (or better - at night) hours to freeze completely. And in such a simple way got - prevented, we do not give ice cream creme brulee crystallize and become a single lump of sweet milk, and not tasty treat.
Домашнее мороженое крем брюле рецепт

One last tip: when pull out a him, do not try to immediately expanded in kremanki. Give it a 5-10-15 minutes razmёrznutsya just slightly on the table. And then the process will be much easier.
Домашнее мороженое крем брюле рецепт

That's all wisdom, enjoy your appetite.

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