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Peach ice cream.

Персиковое мороженое
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Of course, this ice cream peach preparing not only from the fruit, but also from other, equally important components, but they are determining in taste. Gentle enough saturated and rich, but it is very peculiar, but unmistakable. And yet the very cream of peaches turns completely natural. That the dominance of modern high-tech chemicals in food and culinary industry is very, very important.



Therefore, today, and will make it ice cream peach, and you are less sure how easy it is. And repeat it in your kitchen can practically every one of us, having a large capacity of this mouth-watering and delicious cold treats.
However, the preparation of ice cream peach begins not with fruit, and a full cup (250 grams) of sugar,
Персиковое мороженое

and the yolks of three eggs.
Персиковое мороженое

Their well we whisk whisk until they are completely turn white.
Персиковое мороженое

Pour 250 ml of milk, lightly whisk again,
Персиковое мороженое

and put this mixture on a steam bath. Stirring constantly to the yolks are not folded, so warm up 10 ... 12 minutes, then set aside to cool it.
Персиковое мороженое

Three Peach (medium or large, what you will find)
Персиковое мороженое рецепт

clean lint from the skin and take out the seeds. Grind them as "a mess" blender,
Персиковое мороженое рецепт

add to had time to cool the egg-sugar-milk mixture and mix well.
Персиковое мороженое рецепт

500 grams heavy cream for whipping We reach from the refrigerator,
Персиковое мороженое рецепт

and by the same whisk, beat the greatest lush lather.
Мороженое с персиками

Now lightly mix these two components (the ice cream to the future of peaches preserved its splendor), and remove the hour in the freezer.
Мороженое с персиками

We reach it in an hour, stir, especially from the bottom, as the peach component strives at all times to precipitate, and again an hour remove the freeze.
Мороженое с персиками

Again, nothing new was mixed and removed, but now at least six hours. So dostavaya- stirring, we will not let ice cream from peaches to become a "stake" and save the gentle, air structure, differentiating it from the rest of the ice cream.
Мороженое с персиками

Now We reach of peaches and cream give him five minutes to stand up and get warm. So it will be much easier to lay out batchwise bowls before serving.
Мороженое с персиками

That's all wisdom, peach ice cream is ready. And you'll see that it's not complicated, and even simple.
Photo 15.

Enjoy your appetite.

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