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Yoghurt ice cream.

Домашнее йогуртовое мороженое
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Cooking this yogurt ice cream I have not been forced, like children who constantly pestered with "Well Dad, well, please." Neither spouse, where fighting two opposites, one on chronic dieting in pursuit of the perfect figure, and the second is constantly requires something tasty and sweet (and in the summer - and even cold).



No. Just once I read part of the package of ordinary yogurt ice cream from a reputable manufacturer (what - I will not say to not look bad publicity), in which only a third of the names were familiar to me, one-third - no. And yet a third I just do not speak out, even if you really want to, not to mention the fact that their purchase and use.
So I decided to make myself yoghurt ice cream from the usual ingredients, which can be bought in ordinary grocery store, spend a minimum of time and effort. But at the same time get insanely delicious cool treat, cooking which I very soon repeated again. So today I am sharing with you the acquired skills.
The first step we take three chicken eggs. The proteins we do not need, but the yolks,
Йогуртовое мороженое

with 150 grams of sugar,
Йогуртовое мороженое

"Frays clean copy." Really - two minutes whisk whisk vysokooborotisty blender until the mixture just turns white.
Йогуртовое мороженое

Add 150 ml of milk (preferably - room temperature, so the microwave to help you)
Йогуртовое мороженое

and again lightly whisk. Put warm on a steam bath. Prepared as 12 ... 15 minutes and stir continuously to mass not become lumpy, and remained homogeneous. Although it's a bit you will thicken in the process.
Йогуртовое мороженое

Now it should be allowed to cool to room temperature. So I took the tank wider one in which the warmed egg yolks with sugar and milk, pour a little water and poured all the ice that had been in the freezer. And after 15 minutes it had cooled so much that I even slightly surprised the results obtained.
Drinking yoghurt. It will need 500 ml, and that's what, with what taste - decide for yourself. The only thing that if you choose a sweet and sour additive, such as currants or cherries, sugar is needed to take two ... three tablespoons more.
Йогуртовое мороженое рецепт

Putting it all together, and that the resulting basis we do not interfere with, remove it in the refrigerator.
Йогуртовое мороженое рецепт

Whipping cream. The most "capricious" product,
Йогуртовое мороженое рецепт

since whipping it very easy to kill them. And then the resulting oil and whey. So do not be carried away, and the notorious "for another ten seconds to yoghurt ice cream turned out even more air and light" can play with you bad joke. And then everything will have to start all over again.
Йогуртовое мороженое рецепт

Now combine these two ingredients and gently stir. Remove hour in the freezer.
Йогуртовое мороженое рецепт

We reach out of the freezer semi-yoghurt ice cream, mix well (especially from the bottom), and remove the freeze. Again hour. This simple procedure will prevent crystallization and its transformation into a "sweet lump yogurt flavored ice cream."
Домашнее йогуртовое мороженое

The same thing: got - mixed - have been removed. But - four ... six (freezer at all "evil" differently) hours to complete solidification.
Домашнее йогуртовое мороженое

Gets ready yoghurt ice cream, but do not rush it spread. Let 10 ... 15 minutes just stand up on the table. So it is a bit razmёrznetsya,
Домашнее йогуртовое мороженое

and lay on the kremanki it will be much easier.
Домашнее йогуртовое мороженое

That's all ready. And as you can see, make this yogurt ice cream is very, very simple. So do it and you.
Enjoy your meal.

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