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How to cook: Cornelian Cherry Jam

Как варить кизиловое варенье
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This cornel jam, despite the fact that the season I cook like virtually all available fruits and berries, my one of the favorite. And all because the berries themselves are obtained very dense (I try to take a medium-sized, well-ripe dogwood), and the liquid part - thick and viscous. Therefore, in order not to tell how tasty, fragrant and beautiful turns cornel jam, just cook it today. And you'll see how easy it is.



The first thing you need to wash and sort out dogwood. But not from spoiled berries, although they also come across, and from green tails. Are you still there never will be, but in the Cornel jam they certainly give an unpleasant bitterness.
Как варить кизиловое варенье

Fall asleep two ... two and a half kilograms of berries in a container for cooking. It can be any shape, but not necessarily enamel. Dogwood has a very rich and distinct color when cooking and trying to paint all around him. So I have for this purpose is an ancient bronze bowl, and you choose what you will be the most handy for cooking cornel jam.
Berries pour a glass (250 ... 300 mL) of water,
Как варить кизиловое варенье

and poured sugar, equal weight by the berries.
Как варить кизиловое варенье

In this form, leaving all at room temperature for about a day.
Кизиловое варенье рецепт с фото

The next day, put the container on fire and after boiling pinpoint exactly five minutes. And do not forget to stir, especially from the bottom (can Priest), and skim. Her forms abound, but two of my son, if present at cooking cornel jam, do not give it at least as much as to gather up something, because all at once her eat.
Five minutes passed? Turn off the heat, and for a day "forget" about the semi-cornel jam.
Кизиловое варенье рецепт с фото

New day, but the procedure is the same: to put on the fire, wait until the boil, boil for five minutes, turn it off. And do not forget to stir and skim though it just produced very little.
Кизиловое варенье рецепт с фото

Another day, but all the same. However, when the fly for five minutes,
Кизиловое варенье рецепт с фото

More hot jam need to be expanded in the banks close their lids and storing it in a closet, which is not exposed to direct sunlight. So cornel jam better preserve its rich color.
Кизиловое варенье рецепт с фото

That's all wisdom, enjoy your appetite. And though it is ready immediately (then do not unpack it on the banks, but just pour in a bowl), I prefer to wait a few months. Because then cornel jam becomes much thicker, and the taste - much richer. And in the harvest season dogwood it just did not feel like it.

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