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Compote of plums for the winter

Компот из слив на зиму
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Summer. It is time not only to these fruits and vegetables grown in the open ground, lung robes and gentle, warm sea, but also the preservation of the winter. And often they go one by one, and even experienced hostess beginning to tire of zakatok dreamily thinking, and when they finally run out?



This compote of plums and even applies to the whole of the conservation of the winter, a very, very simple. And this applies to both the ingredient of which only three (plum, sugar and water), and to how to do it. And so today, prepare simple and delicious compote of plums.
However, the first thing you need to put the water to boil. Take it from the calculation of two and a half liters per three-liter jar, but as you close them - decide. But just because one or two of you will not be all that "deliver". Although in practice - stewed plums are very "clean" dish.
Компот из слив на зиму

Now swill plum, and frankly will select a soft and wrinkled. And though it is - the sweetest, such bank compote of plums may simply become cloudy, bloating and explode.
Компот из слив на зиму

Her take the rate of 500 grams per culture jar and fill with boiling water.
Компот из слив на зиму

So give cool to room temperature and is six ... eight hours. And as they pose a fire, which in the summer too annoying, I try to do it late in the evening, at night.
When more savory compote of plums completely cooled, pour it back into the pan and put to boil again. And while sugar, the rate of 150 ... 180 grams (sweet plum different varieties can vary greatly) per jar
Компот из слив на зиму

add sugar,
Компот из слив на зиму

had time to boil pour compote of plums, and rolls all banks.
Компот из слив на зиму

We put them to cool upside down. So you check how well a cover for preserving you took and how well you rolled them.
Компот из чернослива на зиму

And when a couple of months (compote of plums shall stand, otherwise it will be a sweet colored water, and no more than that) you open a jar ... There is no need to describe it further, you will understand yourself.
Компот из чернослива на зиму

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