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Homemade ice cream sundae

пломбир в домашних условиях
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Many of us, especially those who are older, at the mention of ice cream in the minds of the Soviet dorisovyvat gastronomy, simple plain paper wrapper, waffle cup which always strove to leak while you lick all sides had time to melt ice cream and much, much more. But that has always been inherent in this simple delicacy is unmatched, unique taste. And manufacturers today, releasing more and more provocatively perepevki with the title: "The present Soviet ice cream", "Taste from childhood," "The same cream" and much, much more. However, we tasted another option, or a dumb grin skrivlyaemsya or comment: "Yes, it is possible, but it's not the same."



So I thought. And each season in anticipation of new products try them, and disappointed, went to look for an ordinary cream, which we call "plombik for 20 cents."
But one day the thought that if I can not buy it, why I can not cook it? After all, as far as I know, the ingredients to it are quite ordinary, and achievements of the chemical industry has not yet reached the level of today. Then find the book "Cooking", dated 1967 year, I started cooking. And you know, I have very bad, even good work, so I decided to share with you.
Fatty cream (then it was not on sale for whipping cream in a variety of boxes)
Пломбир в домашних условиях

milk (ingredient take two 500 ml)
Пломбир в домашних условиях

mix together and put on a steam bath to warm up.
Пломбир в домашних условиях

Three eggs separated into yolks and whites. Proteins use in other dishes (I love to cook one simple meringue), and egg yolks
Пломбир в домашних условиях

with dvuhgrammovym sachet of vanilla sugar,
Пломбир в домашних условиях

and 150 grams of sugar,
Домашнее мороженое пломбир

Anew fray. I do not really understand what it is, until my mother is very simply explained: sugar should be completely dissolved and cease to crackle, I simply turn white yolks. So powerful and resourceful blender with whisk for this is necessary.
Домашнее мороженое пломбир

Add the egg yolks with the sugar to the milk and cream, and stirring occasionally, heats them seven more (just to be sure I warmed them all ten) minutes. Remove from the heat and cool to room temperature.
Transfused cooled cake mix our ice cream into a suitable container and put in freezer to solidify.
Домашнее мороженое пломбир

An hour We reach it, well and mix thoroughly (otherwise Sundae ice crystals are formed, which will be very unpleasant crunch on the teeth), and then remove in the freezer for another hour.
Домашнее мороженое пломбир

This was repeated two more times, and then another two ... three o'clock (performance freezers at all different) "forgets" shape with our simple Sundae.
Домашнее мороженое пломбир

And another little trick. Before you lay out the ice cream by batchwise kremanki, five seven minutes ... just leave it on the table. So it will be more pliable and will make it much easier.
пломбир в домашних условиях

So prepare yourself for an ordinary cream effect almost any of us. And the taste, I just keep quiet, it is necessary to try. It turns really "thus present Sundae", with using only natural products.
Enjoy your meal.

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