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Apricot compote

Компот из абрикосов на зиму
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I love and closes for the winter season in compotes from virtually all available fruits and berries. But one of them count, not only for the delicate and original taste, but also for the incomparable, intense, very bright and deep color. And if you have a particularly honest, even I do not know what more I love apricot compote. So today we have it and cook. 



But first put to boil water. The rate of five liters in two three-liter jar of apricot compote.
Компот из абрикосов на зиму 
And while the water boils, kilogram (I always take a little longer) my apricots, take out the bone,
Компот из абрикосов на зиму 
and laid out evenly on both banks. Although I once this number is multiplied by five, so in the winter I always have ten three-liter bottles of apricot compote.
Компот из абрикосов на зиму 
Besides this, we need only regular sugar, 150 grams per liter of three apricot compote.
Компот из абрикосов на зиму 
Boil water. Pour it in a jar with apricots and, closing the lid, leave for at least eight hours in the kitchen just to cool. And that was not so hot, I try to do it late at night and then no discomfort from hot jars, none of the household does not experience.
Компот из абрикосов на зиму 
Now merge cooled, but very savory apricot compote back into the pot and boil it again. And in the meantime pour sugar, because then you can just forget it (I had a case, and more than once).
Компот из абрикосов рецепт 
Fill apricot compote in banks, roll up their,
Компот из абрикосов рецепт 
and allowed to cool upside down. So we check ourselves to cover seaming for leaks and then, as we close them. And I even covered them plaid, but not from the point of view of one more trick in cooking and for your cat. After all, even in the summer heat, he loves to sleep on them that without this "mascot" for me apricot compote - not real apricot compote.
Компот из абрикосов рецепт 
That's all the wisdom,

Enjoy your meal. The only little "but" - apricot compote should stand at least a couple of months to his taste was one. So it is better to remove it away to not tease. Apricot compote and store in a dark cabinet, the sunlight, he can lose his noble color. Whole.

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