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Wafer rolls with condensed milk

Вафельные трубочки со сгущенкой
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Russian desserts
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The entire recipe of these (indeed, all other) wafer rolls with condensed milk is composed of two parts: the direct wafer rolls and sweet greasy, oily cream. That we "zhenim" only at the final stage. 



But unlike many other recipes, for it needs a minimum of utensils (two capacious tanks for mixing and one - just for themselves tubules), whereas the presence of a powerful and resourceful elektrovafelnitsy mixer becomes imperative.
But more to the point, both directly began to prepare these rolls with butter cream, I put the stew condensed milk. And though manufacturers galore offer a finished product for home cooking, I took nevarёnuyu deliberately condensed milk. After buying your "choice without a choice," she dark and with a pronounced flavor. And I love these cream wafer rolls gently brown, light, so instead of the recommended five to six hours ... I was preparing its only two. And the rest - all as always: the pan with a lid, the water should completely cover our bank, and after cooking hot bank should be well cool for at least an hour.
Вафельные трубочки со сгущенкой

Now knead the dough for waffles: 150 grams of wheat flour,
Вафельные трубочки со сгущенкой

200 grams (faceted glass) of sugar,
Вафельные трубочки со сгущенкой

six large (and can be seven) eggs,
Вафельные трубочки со сгущенкой

200 gram pack and pulled out of the fridge in advance of butter. Although - saving can replace it with margarine, the difference in taste almost feel.
Вафельные трубочки со сгущенкой

From all this, knead sufficiently thick, viscous and sticky dough.
Пирожное трубочка с кремом

Preheat waffle iron. As much as waffles bake themselves - recommend you do not succeed, as the models and their power at all different.
Пирожное трубочка с кремом

And here's a tip that just need to press the top cover, the same for all models. Since wafers are obtained as thin, and they come out more.
Пирожное трубочка с кремом

While the finished wafer is still hot, take her cone.
Пирожное трубочка с кремом

Similarly, bake, and rest until completely use up the dough.
Пирожное трубочка с кремом

Now prepare the oil cream. Cooked and had time to cool the condensed milk,
Вафельные трубочки со сгущенкой рецепт

Two batches of the softened butter
Вафельные трубочки со сгущенкой рецепт

whisk together.
Вафельные трубочки со сгущенкой рецепт

Packed into a ready-made rolls and cream for an hour and a half ... we remove them in the fridge. So a little cream hardens and soak in the tube.
Вафельные трубочки со сгущенкой рецепт

That's all the wisdom. Enjoy your meal. And though it is expected that consumers will be most grateful children, practice shows that the biggest competition they make no peers, namely adults. Therefore, the number of components to share this recipe for two, just not worth it.

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