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Абрикосовое варенье рецепт с фото
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Bright orange, rich and noble color - a "calling card" of good jam from apricots. While some prefer a more dark, almost brown, and how to do it, I'll tell you a little lower. 



But most importantly - matchless, simply intoxicating taste, which has only one drawback: it is very difficult, almost impossible to stop. So its summer when cooking jam from apricots, I resort to a little trick: close it in the smallest banks. So I get to prolong the pleasure for the whole cold winter, and even the beginning of spring.
Recipe itself is very simple, and you need only two ingredients: one kilogram of apricots
Абрикосовое варенье рецепт с фото

per kilogram of sugar.
Абрикосовое варенье рецепт с фото

Although you probably umnozhimte that number by two, three and even four (more - seriously interfere), the technology does not change. But there are some tips for choosing the fruits themselves:
• Choose a well ripe, sweet but not soft apricots;
• They should be small and of the same size;
• Common varieties, although experience shows that the most fragrant and rich in color and taste just jam is obtained from ordinary wildings;
• prepare jam stored in a dark closet, otherwise it will lose its color;
• Do not ostavlyaёte jam from apricots for next year. Chances are good that it is just sugar.
Now go directly to making jam from apricots. Fruits split into half, separate the bones and spread up the core layer. Some recommend putting the kernel and from seed directly in the jam itself, but I have not the patience for it.
Абрикосовое варенье рецепт с фото

Pour the sugar and repeat the layer by layer.
Абрикосовое варенье рецепт с фото

The top layer should be sugar, which will provide a "cap-peel" after we leave it all at room temperature for at least 12 hours.
Абрикосовое варенье рецепт с фото

And further still easier. Apricot halves, covered with sugar, isolated enough moisture. Put the container on the stove (I have for these purposes is simply gorgeous bronze basin, although in ordinary saucepan get too bad) and light a fire. When the jam boils, pinpoint exactly five minutes, that is how much we are going to cook each time. Now remove it from the heat and the day-to "forget".
Hinders him lightly so as not to compromise the integrity of apricot slices, but do not let it stick. Moreover, what is the apricot jam will taste bitter heavily and his color is very unappetizing. And do not forget to surface jam from apricots to shoot a white foam. My sons are very fond of her, and self cooking apricot jam every year waiting impatiently.
Варенье из абрикосов на зиму

A new day, and nothing new: set on fire - boil - spotted five minutes - disabled. But here comes the fun part: spread out on the banks and close the jam from apricots today, or postpone it for a day? Among the advantages - more orange and win on time as negative - jam more liquid.
Варенье из абрикосов на зиму

So I prefer to boil the jam, and on the third day (all the same five minutes after boiling), and only then decompose it by the banks.
Варенье из абрикосов на зиму

And let it get darker, I prefer it like that. And you have not yet defined in the preferences, you can "one shot kill two birds with one stone": part jam decomposed after the second provarivaniya and part - after the third. And then in the winter to compare the contents of both cans, as they say, practice.
Варенье из абрикосов на зиму

That's all, apricot jam is ready. Enjoy your meal.

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