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Компот из алычи
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Preparation alychovogo compote, hand on heart, not much different from the same raspberry, strawberry or cherry. But the fruit, and with it the alychovy compote, depending on the color and taste of ripe fruit can vary greatly, and one of the bank to be quite different from others. 



So I try to cook two ... three ordinary three-liter jar three, four, and if you are lucky with the purchase, and five different alychovyh compotes. And then in the winter, frosty morning by opening one of them to guess what it was a plum? Although in reality, it does not matter, because any of them are very tasty.
To prepare two (per sample) cans stewed alychovogo we need:
• kilogram of fruit;
Компот из алычи

• 300 ... 350 grams (depending on the variety of the cherry plum, more precisely - its kislosti) sugar;
Компот из алычи

• and five liters of water. Her not to waste time, you need to be pre-set to boil.
Компот из алычи

That's all, now proceed directly to the cooking.
My berries, remove tails and fallen leaves (can produce bitterness) and lay on the banks.
Компот из алычи на зиму

Fill with boiling water and "forget" to banks about eight hours.
Компот из алычи

Time has flown by. Drains back into the pan alychovy compote and set it to boil. Fill with sugar,
Компот из алычи на зиму

Pour hot again and yet not sweet alychovym compote, and rolls. Leave to cool upside down (so we ensure the quality of the covers and how well we rolled them) on the same eight hours.
Компот из алычи на зиму

Now get out banks, as alychovy compote at least another month ... should be insisted.
And when after (better - more) this time we will open the jar alychovogo compote, pleasant memories of summer warmth razolёtsya unseen by anyone who will try this alychovy compote.
Компот из алычи на зиму

Enjoy your meal.

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