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Shkara of horse mackerel

Шкара из ставриды
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I do not know about you, but I do shkara or shkara of stavridki particularly strongly associated with Odessa. With its noisy and so different bringing, distinctive dialect and peculiar only to this city menu. 



And though different recipes and cooking methods of shkary stavridki - 1001 pieces (just like tales of the mysterious and mysterious Scheherazade), this is the simplest. After all, it only need two components: stavridki desirable svezhepoymanaya (but you can use completely thawed)
Шкара из ставриды

and onions. Even vegetable oil is not required if you use nonstick pans. A salt - in marine fish and so full of salt, and add it does not have to. The only thing, you can use ground black pepper, but it's a matter of taste. In shkaru of stavridki I did not put.
Шкара из ставриды

The fish must be cleaned from the viscera. To do this, on the abdomen behind the head making a small incision, and taking over the gills, pull out their insides and a sharp movement.
Шкара из ставриды

Now washed in running water and spread in one layer on the pan.
Шкара из ставриды

Onions cut into thin half-rings
Шкара из ставриды

and sprinkle them on top of the fish. Not only that, he will give a taste of our stavridki and still a lot of moisture in it.
Шкара из ставриды

Cover with a lid and simmer over medium heat for about ten minutes. ; Ideas and eat hot. And as you can see, no subtleties and intricacies, everything is very, very simple.

Шкара из ставриды 
Enjoy your meal.

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