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How to cook sorrel soup puree

Как приготовить щавелевый суп
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I do not know about you, but I have a sorrel entree is strongly associated with the green borscht, which I am preparing for the season frequently. However, for other meals sorrel as the main ingredient, or as a seasoning, I have not used ever. Up to this point. 



And therefore I was very interested to try it, and I think the dish turned out quite well. At least, this sorrel soup (namely it today and we will prepare), I will do again and again.
First of all, take 300 ml of broth. Although, if you do without it, on the water, as I see it, it will not lose much. But the fact that the number of calories in each serving, which is considered very kind lady, will be significantly less. This just can not doubt.
Как приготовить щавелевый суп

Two medium potatoes clean,
Как приготовить щавелевый суп

cut into small cubes (so they quickly boiled), and therefore in this broth cook until tender. Depending on the variety, it will be 10 ... 12 minutes after re-boiling, or thereabouts.
Как приготовить щавелевый суп

On a deep frying pan, to which there is the cover (she later we still useful), place 50 grams of butter and put it on the fire.
Как приготовить щавелевый суп

Sorrel wash and shake off the excess moisture from.
Как приготовить щавелевый суп

Coarsely chop it (still later he was crushed in a blender)
Как приготовить щавелевый суп

and place on the pan. A little advice: if you do not know this sort of sorrel and cook from it for the first time, it is best to throw out the stems. And though they are - the most succulent, "hairs" in the finished dish can irritate you.
For three ... four minutes (make a small fire under the pan) Stir once or twice. The leaves have changed their color from bright green to a marsh.
Как готовить щавелевый суп

Then, three tablespoons of flour,
Как готовить щавелевый суп

Put in sorrel and mix.
Как готовить щавелевый суп

After another three minutes, pour the broth in which the cooked potatoes and stir again, under the cover (here it is useful to us), simmer for exactly five minutes.
Как готовить щавелевый суп

We completely forgot about the eggs. They need to cook hard-boiled, therefore, 12 minutes in boiling water with a teaspoon of salt (to even cracked the egg does not leak) and then cool under running water.
Как готовить щавелевый суп

Now with two ... three cloves of garlic,
Как сварить щавелевый суп

blender grind everything "into dust"
Как сварить щавелевый суп

and adding 100 ... 150 ml cream,
Как сварить щавелевый суп

bring to a boil our original sorrel soup.
Как сварить щавелевый суп

And one more little detail: do not put salt in it. Not at all. Will feel the difference.
Как сварить щавелевый суп

So no tricks and complexities in this recipe simply does not. After just 20 minutes, we have prepared a very original sorrel soup. The only thing that it just cries, it's a big spoonful of thick cream. Its actually I should. And you urge.
Bon appetit.

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