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Cherry jam with seeds

Вишневое варенье с косточками
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Cherry jam with seeds. This simple combination brings a smile and the warmth of an invisible almost all of us. That cherry jam and eat love even those who jam from berries and other fruits do not eat at all. 



So today and prepare it, especially because it's so easy, because for cooking delicious cherry jam need only two ingredients: sugar
Вишневое варенье с косточками

and berries, in equal proportions. Let it be kilograms per kilogram.
Вишневое варенье с косточками

Berries are my good and rob the tails, and again iterate our cherry. Pour it into the tank, which will then cook our cherry jam,
Вишневое варенье с косточками

and filled it with sugar. So cherries must spend at least 12 hours (better - longer) to keep the good juice and then not have to add water. Therefore, most likely the cooking process cherry jam stretched for another two days.
Вишневое варенье с косточками

But now the time has flown by. We put the future of cherry jam on fire, and when it boils, pinpoint exactly five minutes. Turn it off and leave it for a day so.
And do not forget all the time while cooking it, remove the white foam from the surface and stir well, especially from the bottom. So our cherry jam not prigorit not pristynet and remain transparent.
Как варить вишневое варенье

A day later, the same procedure again: the capacity to put the fire, and when it comes to a boil, cook for five minutes. And then for another day is set aside.
Как варить вишневое варенье

Again, all the same thing: light a fire and boil quite dark cherry jam five minutes. But now it is not set aside, and decompose it to banks and close lid.
Как варить вишневое варенье

As you have just managed to make the preparation of cherry jam with seeds though and takes nearly four days, a very, very simple. After all, even a jar with a drawling, fragrant and very beautiful cherry jam is worth all the effort. And they get a lot more, especially since the process of cooking is almost independent of the weight of the ingredients.
Как варить вишневое варенье

That's all the wisdom. Enjoy your meal.

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