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Gooseberry compote

Компот из крыжовника
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This gooseberry compote for the winter I love to cook myself. After all, as my wife says (and very rightly), is the most simple and undemanding berry, because: 



• Do not break off the tails and twigs;
• Corrupted berries almost caught;
• And to wash it off caught up in random gooseberry leaves a pleasure: filled with water, they surfaced collected. Miracle, not a berry.

Yes, and the gooseberry compote is made of only three components:
• gooseberries - 500 grams;
Компот из крыжовника

• Sugar - 150 grams;
Компот из крыжовника

• Water - two and a half liters.
Компот из крыжовника

It - is based on a three-liter jar. But you do because it will dilute the whole process. Therefore, the proportion is likely to increase to six, or ten (like me) again.
Put water to boil, and in the meantime my berries. Spread on banks, pour boiling water and "forget" at least six hours.
Компот из крыжовника на зиму

Now merge cooled, but still not sweet gooseberry compote back into the pan and put on the fire to boil. Fall asleep to the banks sugar,
Компот из крыжовника на зиму

pour the boiled gooseberry compote and rolls.
Компот из крыжовника на зиму

Overturn the banks and as such leave them to cool. In this simple way you check the quality of the covers and the way you rolled them.
Компот из крыжовника на зиму

And after two ... three months (gooseberry compote need to brew) in the dark (from direct sunlight it can lose its attractive, full color) location, you have a stunning, natural drink. A kind of invisible "bridge" in the hot summer.
Компот из крыжовника на зиму

That's all, enjoy your meal.

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