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Pork chops in batter

Свиные отбивные в кляре
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Grilled chops in batter loves my dad. He does it really skillfully, so they not only regularly feeds me when I "accidentally" find myself at his home (fortunately live in the same city), but also told a number of secrets that will ensure unparalleled flavor and tenderness awesome. They are, in fact, I want to share with you: 



• To prepare the chops need not take ice cream, but only chilled or fresh meat;
Свиные отбивные в кляре

• Chunks of meat should be cut across the fibers (as on skewers), and not along;
• Cut all the stems, but leave the fat (which is much more tender and tastier);
• batter before frying should stand 10 ... 15 minutes at room temperature;
• Chunks of meat do not need to add salt and peppering neither advance nor before frying, as they start up juice, and our chops in batter will be much drier;
• slugger cuts of meat you need from both sides;
• Good heat a frying pan with butter to how to put it on our future chops in batter;
• Batter must be absolutely uniform, and no lumps of flour in it should not be;
• Do not cover the pan lid;
• Ready chops do not lay out a stack of one to one, is not it guaranteed razmoknet batter;
• Do not try to fill the entire frying pan. Frying temperature falls heavily, the batter will fall behind the meat, and a golden crust you just will not work.

And now proceed directly to the preparation, the more so because it is simple enough.

The first step is preparing the batter. For a piece of meat on a pound need 200 ml of milk,
Свиные отбивные в кляре 
100 grams of wheat flour finely ground
Свиные отбивные в кляре 
one egg,
Свиные отбивные в кляре 
and half a tablespoon of salt.
Свиные отбивные в кляре 
All together, knead and whisk mixer or blender. Batter is supposed to be thick enough (as a liquid sour cream), so you can add another tablespoon of flour.
Отбивные в кляре рецепт 
Relinquish it to the side.
Pour into the pan a little vegetable oil and put it on the fire to warm up.
Cut the meat into portions,
Отбивные в кляре рецепт

repel from both sides,
Отбивные в кляре рецепт

Dip in batter,
Отбивные в кляре рецепт

and lay it on the pan to roast.
Отбивные в кляре рецепт

A minute later, turn over the chops and continue to fry already on low heat for another three minutes.
Отбивные в кляре рецепт

Lay out the first batch on a plate, and continue to roast our own chops in batter. Batter and meat should be consumed completely, so if something is left - incorrectly complied proportion. But it comes with experience, especially that very soon you will want to repeat everything again.
Отбивные в кляре рецепт

That's all the wisdom, enjoy your meal.

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