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Тушеный горошек
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I do not know about you, but green fresh (not canned in tin) peas, I prefer to use just like that, in its pure form, without at least some cooking. However, it so happened that one day it was too much, two days after harvest to eat it, I did not, and then he was a bit dried up and ceased to be so good. And then decided to make the most simple way, put out in a white sauce. A kind of pleasant and comfortable occasion arises. 



And when I tried that came out of it very soon have deliberately repeated the experience. It's really very simple and very tasty. So today I will share these skills with you.
Take a pound of green peas in pods. And it is 500 grams and not 500 ml, as often in my town, he sold plastic cups and not by weight. From experience - it's a little over two cups.
Тушеный горошек

Put to boil about a quart of water,
Тушеный горошек

and purify themselves pods and select grains. They get 350 ... 400 grams.
Тушеный горошек

In boiling water Put a "green balls", and when the water boils again, pinpoint exactly seven minutes. That's how much you need to cook our peas until soft. And do not forget to fold it into a colander to all the moisture glass.
Тушеный горошек

A deep frying pan with a lid pour four tablespoons of flour and turn the fire. If you like a yellowish, or even brownish white sauce, then stirring constantly, bring the flour until the desired shade. I prefer the simple white sauce, so one ... two minutes in the pan (do not forget to stop, or simply will burn, and then you have to start all over again), will be enough
Зеленый горошек тушеный

Now add a teaspoon of salt,
Зеленый горошек тушеный

250 ml of milk and interfere very quickly as to avoid forming lumps.
Зеленый горошек тушеный

A minute later, the sauce is ready. Fall asleep to it our green peas, mix well and cover the pan lid.
Зеленый горошек тушеный

Simmer on very low heat for about seven minutes. Turn off and immediately podaёm.
Зеленый горошек тушеный

That's all, stewed green peas ready. It will be equally as good as the very original side dish, and can be a delicious separate dish on your table.
Bon appetit.

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