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The original sandwich

Оригинальный бутерброд своими руками
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Any father who is able to (I think) and love (that's for sure) to cook, always rejoices and takes an active part in the first culinary steps your child. And especially if he is preparing some simple, uncomplicated, even a dish not only themselves, but also to his younger brother. So I pushed all the works in the background and helped in every way (as well as photographed), and he is doing. And we came out of it, you are now able to see. 



Today our original hot sandwich menu. So - no bread and cheese, and his foundation will bystrozavarivaemaya noodles with egg. But what will be on the top of the sandwich, only a matter of taste. My son took a boiled sausage,
Оригинальный бутерброд своими руками

and fresh tomato.
Оригинальный бутерброд своими руками

Bag of instant noodles,
Оригинальный бутерброд своими руками

Small breaks down, go to sleep with a bag of salt and spices,
Оригинальный бутерброд своими руками

fill with boiling water,
Оригинальный бутерброд своими руками

and cover with a lid. Let insisted.
One egg is broken,
Оригинальный бутерброд своими руками

and yolk protein blend into a whole.
Оригинальный бутерброд своими руками

Three ... four minutes noodles well swollen. Merge with it all the water it has done its job and more we do not need, and add a prepared egg.
Оригинальный бутерброд своими руками

And as I took an impromptu form of ordinary tin of condensed milk and cut off from her bottom. That became a hollow cylinder.
оригинальные бутерброды рецепты с фотографиями

The pan for frying, pour a little vegetable oil and set it on fire. When the pan is well warmed up, put it in a pan and pour two ... three tablespoons of our noodles with egg. We did not wait, and it was our fault: the egg just did not have time to grab immediately and spread out a bit outside of the cylinder. Not Beba, picked up a shovel.
Also do the rest "cakes."
оригинальные бутерброды рецепты с фотографиями

Three ... four seconds remove the cylinder cover with a lid over medium heat and fry the two ... three minutes.
оригинальные бутерброды рецепты с фотографиями

During this time, we cut slices sausage
оригинальные бутерброды рецепты с фотографиями

also been reported with the tomato.
оригинальные бутерброды рецепты с фотографиями

Overturn the blanks for our sandwiches, and again under the hood prepare them a couple minutes.

That's all hot, as for me - very original sandwich of noodles ready. And the cook, and a younger brother, well, I "accidentally" turned around, appreciated this little masterpiece novice cook. And as you can see, any complexities and intricacies, and this looks very attractive original sandwich.
оригинальные бутерброды рецепты с фотографиями

Enjoy your meal.

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