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Cherries compote

Компот из вишни на зиму
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Compote of all (or almost all) of berries and fruits I love, respect, and try to close for the winter in sufficient quantity. So that later, on a frosty winter day to open a jar and sweaty feel invisible touch the hot summer. 



However, compote of cherries for me has always been in a privileged position. Do not know, maybe because of the awesome color that does not pass on any of the pictures, maybe because of the sweet-sour taste of most berries, who never want to mix with anything, maybe because of the enchanting, heady aroma. Although, if you honestly answer a simple question for most of us love the compote of cherries, the most correct and honest to be a simple and concise answer for everything. Today, therefore, prepare a simple and delicious compote of cherries.
One three-liter jar you need a pound of cherries,
Компот из вишни на зиму

150 grams of sugar,
Компот из вишни на зиму

Two and a half liters of water. And in order not to lose time, as long as you wash and strip the berries from the tails (in compote of cherries, they will be very bitter), put it on the fire to boil.
Компот из вишни на зиму

Now pour the berries in the bottle (it is unlikely you were limited to one jar)
Компот из вишни на зиму

and fill had time to boil water.
Компот из вишни на зиму

Six ... eight hours when the future of the cherry compote has cooled to room temperature (or at least to the point that you can take your hands and banks not to burn yourself), drain savory compote of cherries (liquid only, without berries) back into the pan and again put it to boil. Pour sugar.
компот вишня на зиму рецепт

Now, again, pour boiling compote and roll up the jar.
компот вишня на зиму рецепт

Turn them upside down (so you will check the quality of the covers and how well you have them rolled up) and leave until cool.
компот вишня на зиму рецепт

And a month or two (previously not worth compote of cherries just do not have time to become one), or even later, to open a bank, you will get an invisible connection with the summer, the scorching sun. And such a "bridge" is expensive.
компот вишня на зиму рецепт

Enjoy your meal.

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