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Вареники с клубникой
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Well, who among us does not love dumplings with cottage cheese, mushrooms, potatoes. In rare hostess supply of these "vyruchalok" is not stored in the freezer. But no less tasty dumplings with fresh berries. They were especially fond of children. And, significantly, they too can make some for the future and put in the freezer. Cooked ice cream they do not lose neither their taste or flavor 



For the dough: 2 kg of flour - 2 eggs, half a cup of milk and a glass of water, half a teaspoon of salt.
For the filling: 2 kg of strawberries (the smaller the better), a cup of sugar.

Knead soft unleavened dough. And give him lie down for an hour.

Вареники с клубникой 
Wash berries, clean them from the peduncle (the stalk can be dried and added to the kettle when brewing tea, thereby providing him a natural, and not identical with natural strawberry flavor).

Вареники с клубникой

Вареники с клубникой

Put the berries in a colander and allow to drain the water. It is not recommended to mix them with just sugar - they will give juice, and then it will be difficult to glue dumplings.
Cooking dumplings, do not forget about his beloved. Mash some ripe berries and apply the pulp on your face. When the mask is dry, wash it off with cool water, brush with a nourishing cream. After some time, look in the mirror and say: why not a berry again.

Podospevshaya dough MUCH, cut off a piece and roll it out of the harness (it should be thicker than the dumplings). Cut it into pieces, each roll in flour and roll out of them kruzhochki- juicy, larger and thicker than the dumplings.

Вареники с клубникой 
On with a very put sugar to taste, but not more than a quarter of a teaspoon. Put sugar on top of the strawberries, wrap a crescent and stung edge.

Вареники с клубникой

Вареники с клубникой

Вареники с клубникой 
Some sugar is placed not in the raw dumplings, and sprinkled them ready.
Boil water, salt it and drop them in a small batch of dumplings one by one. Stir once, so they do not stick to the bottom. Once the dumplings float, let them boil for 2-3 minutes and remove them with a slotted spoon,

Вареники с клубникой 
Arrange the dumplings on a wide platter - a tray, kicking. Lubricate them on top of a thick sour cream, baked cream.
You can eat hot. But ostynuv soaked berry juice and sour cream, dumplings will be even tastier
Bon appetit!

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