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Чеснок маринованный головками на зиму
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When I first honored name on the bank in a supermarket "Canned pickled garlic," that like many of us, this has caused confusion and misunderstanding. Oh really, and why it marinate for the winter, if it is available all year round fresh and in such conservation is simply no need? 



However, one day I bought in the market garlic, the taste of which turned out to be far from ideal: very angry, not at all fragrant cloves and its quite simply huge. And some of the head and do not disintegrate into slices, and were inseparable. It was then (in despair), I decided to prepare myself pickled garlic, the more so because it was very, very simple. And when I opened the jar was very pleasantly surprised with the result. So today I want to share with you this basic dish that you can prepare at any time of the year.
The first thing that starts this uncomplicated recipe, it's self garlic. Rather, its cleaning. After all, one 500 ml jar, you need to take no more nor less than 500 grams of garlic. A clean from the husk of many heads at once - even the pleasure. So choose those varieties where cloves large and very large. Not only is it much faster and easier process, so also in the bank (and then we have on the table), this pickled garlic looks very appetizing.
Чеснок маринованный головками на зиму

Make a brine for marination, and he is also very simple. In part (160 ml) glass of water,
Чеснок маринованный головками на зиму

add 30 ml of vinegar,
Чеснок маринованный головками на зиму

teaspoon of salt,
Чеснок маринованный головками на зиму

a tablespoon of sugar and put it all on fire. When it comes to a boil, and salt and sugar dissolved in it, for our brine pickled garlic ready.
Чеснок маринованный головками на зиму

Fill it in a jar with garlic cloves,
Маринованный чеснок рецепт с фото

and put it in boiling water pasteurized. And be sure to cover the bank (or banks) cover. The steam coming from the pickled garlic during heat treatment rather caustic, so this simple technique will save you from not the most pleasant odors.
Маринованный чеснок рецепт с фото

20 minutes after the re-boil the water already tightly close the lens cover
Маринованный чеснок рецепт с фото

That's all, pickled garlic ready. It can be there almost immediately after cooling (and then do not roll it), but it is better to "forget about it" for a month or two. Believe me, so it will be much tastier.
Маринованный чеснок рецепт с фото

Enjoy your meal.

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