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Stewed cabbage

Тушеная свежая капуста
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I do not know about you, but I stewed cabbage with sausages are very strongly associated with German cuisine. And though I understand that this dish has become international, my wife calls him not only as "an evening of German cuisine." Well, okay, so the German German.



Especially that it is prepared from the force for 30 minutes (of a young cabbage even faster), from a minimum of products (it need sausages yes cabbage) and require a minimum of dishes and specific skills. So to begin cooking.
The first step is head of cabbage (all of it will not be needed, only half of) my,
Тушеная свежая капуста 
and sufficiently large shinkuem. Get a kind of "cabbage noodles."
Тушеная свежая капуста 
In a frying pan with high edges (you can in a saucepan) pour two ... three tablespoons of vegetable oil, heat it up and lay the sliced ​​cabbage. It will be bad accommodates and even fall out, but trust me - after a few minutes it is very much utushitsya and surprise you with its "new" volume. Cover with a lid (this is very important), and not adding salt, sugar, simmer for 12 ... 15 minutes.
Тушеная свежая капуста 
Two sausages (can take three, "not to spoil the porridge oil")
Тушеная свежая капуста 
cut into thin slices.
Вкусная тушеная капуста с сосиской 
Put them to the semi-cabbage, salt (a big pinch will be enough), add a teaspoon of sugar and mix well. Back cover, and on the smallest fire, simmer cabbage with sausages for another ten minutes.
Вкусная тушеная капуста с сосиской 
That's all the wisdom, simple and very tasty dish is ready. Cook it and you, and this option meal (breakfast, lunch or afternoon snack) you'll love. And very soon, you will want to repeat the experience.
Вкусная тушеная капуста с сосиской 
Enjoy your meal.

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