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Vegetable soup

Овощной суп с кабачками
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Russian soups
Russian cuisine


This vegetable soup (or vegetable soup as you wish to call it) from those that describe and longer to read than cook. Everything is really insanely easy. But this simplicity at the same time does not affect the final taste of the finished dish, which you strongly pleasantly surprised. 



The first thing the pan capacity two and a half ... pour water three liters (liter will be the most time), and put on the fire to boil.
Three medium potatoes clean, my,
Овощной суп с кабачками

rather short and cut into strips.
Овощной суп с кабачками

Carrots also clean (although the young can not clean), my,
Овощной суп с кабачками

and finely cut. It take a little more than half the weight of the potatoes, so you will not go wrong with the proportion.
Овощной суп с кабачками

Meanwhile, the water was boiling. Throw it in the chopped vegetables, and when the water comes to a boil again, reduce the heat to a minimum. Cook all the time under the hood, it's important.
Small plugs of cauliflower
Овощной суп с цветной капустой

cut into small florets. Potatoes and carrots-cooked 12 minutes? Pelted them cook cabbage.
Овощной суп с цветной капустой

Meanwhile, two small zucchini, I shall cut off the nose and tail of a dense,
Овощной суп с цветной капустой

and finely chop. Soup boil again? Thrown into the pan squash, add a tea spoon of salt and cook for another five minutes so.
Овощной суп с цветной капустой

Our meatless vegetable soup is ready. And you spent all this a little more than 20 minutes. Decent, and most importantly delicious result uncomplicated work in the kitchen.
Овощной суп с цветной капустой

Enjoy your meal.

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