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Russian vegetable salad

Russian vegetable salad
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Russian vegetable salads
Russian salads
Russian cuisine


I have this simple and demanded (in season), vegetable salad is strongly associated with the spring warmth and bright sun. And it is not the ingredients (they are quite commonplace, and are available year round), and in this manifestation of awakening from hibernation nature. 



Today, therefore, prepare simple and tasty vegetable salad.
Pound forks (need exactly half of it), I shall remove the two outer sheet
Вкусный овощной салат

and in fine cut.
Вкусный овощной салат

Two medium cucumbers my,
Вкусный овощной салат

quartered lengthwise and shinkuem thin slices.
Вкусный овощной салат

Tomatoes (ideally - particularly ripe and juicy, but spring can not be choosers) also mine,
Вкусный овощной салат

and medium-sized chop.
Вкусный овощной салат

A beam of green onions my good, dry them (we do not want our vegetable salad "floated")
Как приготовить овощной салат

and very finely chopped.
Как приготовить овощной салат

Herbs (dill, parsley, cilantro, a mixture thereof or something like that) as well as onion and carefully wash and dry them very well, too. Put them in the kitchen centrifuge for vegetables or simply wipe with a towel - it is, of course, you.
Как приготовить овощной салат

Her we too finely chopped. All components are put in a single large salad bowl (after mixing, the volume is reduced by one-third)
Как приготовить овощной салат

season with salt (two ... three large pinch of salt will be enough) and vegetable salad dressed with sour cream. 100 ... 150 grams. Rather not say, since all different tastes.
Как приготовить овощной салат

Now mix all the ingredients. As you can see, all this cooking vegetable salad is not just a very, very simple.
Как приготовить овощной салат

Enjoy your meal.
And the last. Small, regular practice proven trick that not once rescued me after a hard day's work, when there is no effort or desire anything to cook. If the components themselves this vegetable salad cut in advance, but not salt and fill it with sour cream, it is a 10 ... 12 hours not let the juice, and the look of it does not change. So if you chop all the ingredients in the morning, then in the evening without some work and effort you cook fresh vegetable salad. Is not it great.

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