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Marinated oyster mushrooms

Вешенки маринованные быстрого приготовления
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Mushroom dishes
Russian cuisine


Oyster mushrooms appeared not so long ago, but it took a firm place among the favorite foods most of us. They are wonderful as a separate dish, and are an integral part of many of them. Their fried, boiled, baked, stewed and pickled course. And not only as a blank (oyster mushrooms have all year), but also as a tasty dish for every day. 



 Here is their today and we will prepare. And, I think, not very usual, but rather the exotic recipe.
To prepare marinated oyster mushrooms we need ourselves. I took at the rate of one kilogram, you can also reduce or increase this number.
Вешенки маринованные быстрого приготовления

Wash them and cut into fairly thick, long strips, "to ask in your mouth."
Вешенки маринованные быстрого приготовления

In addition to this you need two large (or three medium) bulbs.
Вешенки маринованные быстрого приготовления

Their clean and cut into thin half-rings enough.
Вешенки маринованные быстрого приготовления

In addition it will need a tablespoon with a slide (30 grams) of coarse salt,
Вешенки маринованные быстрого приготовления

and twice (60 grams) over sugar.
Вешенки маринованные быстрого приготовления

Will also need 10 ... 12 leaves lavrushki,
Маринованные вешенки в домашних условиях

15 ... 17 balls allspice. You can put another 8 ... 10 gvozdichin on this volume, but I do not love her in everything taste so "forgot" about the seasoning.
Маринованные вешенки в домашних условиях

In the container, which can then be boiled and to which there is a cover (I took an ordinary pot to 2.5 liters), the layers should be laid one third of mushrooms, onions, and a third of a third of spices. And so, layer by layer, tightly enough.
Маринованные вешенки в домашних условиях

Now fill 70 ... 80 ml ​​of vinegar (no more, otherwise it will be highly acidic), cover with a lid and set aside for two ... three hours. A better remove the refrigerator overnight, if time is not limited. So start up a lot of juice mushrooms, and you are very surprised at how much it will be.
A small note. If you do not have time to wait until the mushrooms themselves be allowed juice, pour into the pan glass of water. But such "accelerated process" a negative impact on the taste, but not critical.
Маринованные вешенки в домашних условиях

Put the pan on the fire. Once the brine to boil, to pinpoint exactly 15 minutes. They ran fast enough. Now marinated oyster mushrooms are almost ready, we only allow them to cool.
Маринованные вешенки в домашних условиях

But if you're not going to eat them in the next two ... three days, "to prolong the pleasure," or "leave for later" (although this is just insanely difficult to do, given the awesome taste and intoxicating smell), then store them in the refrigerator. Oyster mushrooms is all the same mushrooms, so they impose their imprint.
Маринованные вешенки в домашних условиях

Enjoy your meal.

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