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Strawberry Mousse

Мусс из клубники рецепт
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This mousse with strawberries, I would suggest at least once to prepare yourself for every man. And then add to the number of win-win "sticks-vyruchalochek" along with a large bouquet of red roses, a bottle of champagne and nutmeg big box of delicious chocolates absolutely all the stronger sex.



After all, the reasons for this whole five:
• Quick and easy to prepare (just a few minutes);
• Luxurious, "smart" looks;
• Great taste;
• Does not require specific skills;
• The ingredients are simple, they are easy to buy, and they are available all year round.
And then forgiveness for yesterday's late return home "drunk", or a trip with friends on the weekend, without further ado and morals, you are guaranteed. This recipe is based on two full servings, but to increase it, or vice versa, to reduce, you decide.
So prepare this strawberry mousse. To do this, 100 grams of cottage cheese (preferably from a store, it has no grits, and he more tender)
Мусс из клубники рецепт с фото

50 ... 70 grams of sour cream,
Мусс из клубники рецепт с фото

mix into a homogeneous mass. Half cooking mousse (if I may say so), has already been passed.
Мусс из клубники рецепт с фото

120 ... 150 grams fresh (although you can pick up and frozen, the taste of not much hurt, just thaw it beforehand) strawberries, cleaned from tails,
Мусс из клубники рецепт

and with 100 grams (one can take less) powdered sugar
Мусс из клубники рецепт

grind into a homogeneous slurry in a blender. Regular sugar is not worth taking, as it is not completely dissolved, and will crunch on the teeth. A soft strawberry mousse and unpleasant crunch is not compatible with each other.
Творожный мусс с клубникой

In high roomy capacity, for example, glass goblets, Expanding first cottage cheese,
Творожный мусс с клубникой

and then watering strawberry mousse component. He is ready, so I eat it and filing.
Творожный мусс с клубникой

Enjoy your meal.

And the last. Try again, many of the fair sex as well prepare this strawberry cheesecake mousse yourself. And they can understand.

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