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Strawberries compote

Клубничный компот на зиму рецепт
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This is a simple conservation of the number of those that are abundant preparing zealous hostesses for the whole winter. And when a cold, rainy day and gets you open this "piece of the summer," the world as if, revives and rejoices with you. And for this to happen in the winter, now have to try and labored. Although the work itself is very conditional, because everything is very, very simple and accessible to almost everyone of us. 



The first step is to prepare the compote of strawberries put to boil water. Take it at the rate of two and a half liters per three-liter (the wonderful legacy of the Soviet era) to the bank. Again, the three-liter bottle for one will need 500 grams of strawberries. It well and sort out my order not got rotten and pressure. Otherwise, the chances that compote turbid and "explode" increased significantly. But no need to tear off the tails. This simply is not necessary, and therefore a waste of time, and no more.
Клубничный компот на зиму рецепт

We place the strawberries in a jar, pour the boiled water and cover the lid. Reserve as eight ... ten hours.
Клубничный компот на зиму рецепт

The waiting time has flown by. At each bank, we need 120 ... 150 grams of sugar.
Клубничный компот на зиму рецепт

Unsweetened compote bottles (you probably do more than one bank, even as an experiment) merge back into the pan and put on the fire to boil. Fall asleep in a jar sugar, pour the boiled compote
Клубничный компот на зиму рецепт

and rolls the lid. Overturn jars upside down to make sure in the quality-seamer. When banks have cooled, remove them for the winter. Because if you open them all at once Клубничный компот на зиму рецепт

And the rest, you'll just have to give out a few months. And then you will be able to enjoy the delicious taste of strawberry compote.
Клубничный компот на зиму рецепт

Enjoy your meal.

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