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Potatoes with garlic and herbs

Картофель с зеленью и чесноком
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Boiled potatoes anyway eat almost all of us. In one form or another, and not very tasty, undercooked, which crunches on the teeth, and it is not clear that: or undercooked whole tubers or nedorazvarennoe mashed potatoes, fresh young or very stale and simply sluggish. But somehow she is regularly in our diet (always slimming anorexic ladies - do not count). 



Generally potatoes with garlic and herbs is a fairly simple dish, which can be repeated almost everyone. And in order not to lose time in vain, in the two and a half ... three-liter pot, pour half a liter of water, put two teaspoons of salt, and covered with a lid, put it on the fire. In the meantime, the water boils, kilogram (can be slightly less, in fact it does not matter) potatoes, peeled clean. You have to take it new potatoes, washed off the top layer of dense sponge, and do not cut it with a knife or other kitchen appliances. Otherwise, the amount of salt in the water for cooking potato place twice less.
Картофель с зеленью и чесноком

And until the water begins to boil, wash a good bunch of greens (I took parsley, although just this - a matter of taste). Leave to drain the water from it, it's important. We do not want our potatoes with garlic and herbs simply "floated".

Картофель с зеленью и чесноком 
Meanwhile, boil water for cooking potatoes. Put it in the tubers (whole, do not cut them, so choose about the same size and small to quickly swara). When the water boils again, to a minimum screw so the heat and simmer 12 ... 15 minutes.
Not big, but not chopped greens.
Картофель с зеленью и чесноком

Large head of garlic,
Картофель с зеленью и чесноком

need to be cleaned. And it is better not to grind a knife, and chesnokodavkoy. So cloves garlic juice will start up (it is especially desirable), and just be smaller.
молодой картофель с зеленью

In addition to this you will need 50 ... 70 grams of butter. But beforehand, so that it becomes soft (as in baking), remove from the refrigerator is not necessary. And so it melts on the hot potato tubers.
молодой картофель с зеленью

And then even simpler: merge with Swar potato water, add the garlic, herbs and butter and mix well everything. Leave for five minutes, the ingredients shared tastes and potatoes just a little cold.
That's all the wisdom of our new potatoes with garlic and herbs ready. And a delicious side dish that can successfully become a separate dish, we turned out without any problems. In just 25 minutes.
молодой картофель с зеленью

Enjoy your meal.

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