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Chicken soup with rice recipe

Суп куриный с рисом рецепт
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This is not a dish that is cooked as a festive meal or as a "crowning the main pudding", which can show off to others. On the contrary, it is an ordinary, ordinary dish which is prepared in haste just half an hour from the minimum of products. Although, to be honest especially broth is cooked for him still much longer. 



I took for this soup great rustic chicken thigh, about 400 grams. If you cook it from that which is grown on a special farm and bought in an ordinary grocery store, feel free to multiply that number by two. Can not go wrong. No salt, no pepper, or to put a bay leaf is not necessary, only meat and 1.5 ... 2 liters of water. Boil three-liter pot, where then will prepare our chicken soup. One and a half hours after boiling, over low heat for going for it optimally.
Суп куриный с рисом рецепт

And while you can peel and cut vegetables. They also need to be at least (in general, our chicken rice soup obtained very minimalist), so three medium potatoes clean, my
Суп куриный с рисом рецепт

cut and not thick, long strips.
Суп куриный с рисом рецепт

Average carrot also clean-my,
Суп куриный с рисом рецепт

is not cut, and three on a coarse grater.
Суп куриный с рисом рецепт

Broth to cook. Meat'll get (when it cools down, we shall understand to pieces and put it back in the soup)
рисовый куриный суп

but for now let it boil our vegetables. Under the hood, all on the same low heat, as well as cooked broth.
рисовый куриный суп

After 10 minutes, put in the cake mix soup about 150 grams of washed rice, salt now (tea spoons will suffice), and cook so another seven ... eight minutes.
рисовый куриный суп

That's all the wisdom, now our chicken soup with rice ready. And as you can see, there is nothing complicated. On the contrary, everything is very, very simple.
Enjoy your meal.

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