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Russian fish salad

Russian fish salad
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Russian fish salads
Russian salads
Russian cuisine


Species and varieties of fish salad (salad or fish - definition of who cares more like it), very, very much. So I did not cook "another one of a kind", which differs from the correct, "canonized" but minor, and offer my vision, I think, quite original. And although he can not quite like you, or vice versa, to become one the most beloved, a kind you have to consider. The only advice he most delicious immediately, as soon as you have prepared separately and all tastes, and a few hours later. Here then is worth giving his opinion on it



But like any salad, which eat vegetables, they need to cook. Do it in a saucepan or double boiler - decide, of course, you. But vegetables, steamed, have a rich, full-bodied taste, so the choice is obvious.
Boil two large potatoes,
Рыбный салат рецепт с фото 
and one large carrot.
Рыбный салат рецепт с фото 
In the meantime, prepare the vegetables, clean one medium onion. Better if it is not evil, so the taste of the fish salad will be much softer.
Рыбный салат рецепт с фото 
For salads, we will use the usual mayonnaise, but to take a classic Provencal or vice versa easy, low fat - you decide. Taste fish salad and if change is insignificant, but the amount of calories from a "modification" to cut off.
Рыбный салат рецепт с фото 
In addition you will need a can of sweet corn (maize never seen salt as not tried). Drain the brine from it in advance, it will not be needed.
Рыбный салат рецепт с фото 
Bank will also need canned fish in oil. I took a sardine, and what you take - a matter of personal taste and preference of each of us. With her ​​drain the oil, and when you lay it in a salad bowl, delete all bones. So salad will be much soft and smooth.
Generally a combination of incongruous - corn and fish should be the main "chip" of the dish.
Салат рыбный с картофелем 
Boiled vegetables. Cool them, peel the rind and cut into small cubes. Carrots (it cools down faster)
Салат рыбный с картофелем 
and potatoes. Do it with a knife or I, Egg slicer, you decide. But the second version is noticeably faster and easier.
Салат рыбный с картофелем 
Even smaller, almost "into dust" chop the onion,
Салат рыбный с картофелем 
add all ingredients lettuce mayonnaise,
Салат рыбный с картофелем 
and mix well. Dosolit can and can not do it, it all depends on your taste and preferences.
Our fish salad ready. And as mentioned above, leave it for a few hours (in the refrigerator or at room temperature - it does not matter) to share the tastes and smells. Believe me, homogeneous salad will be much tastier and more interesting.
Салат рыбный с картофелем 
Enjoy your appetite.

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