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Pasta with meat

Pasta with meat
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Meat dishes
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Pasta with meat (not to be confused with pasta nautically, it looks like, but also another dish), prepared according to the rule of three "very":
1. Very fast;
2.'s Very simple;
3. And very tasty.
And all of the three essential ingredients. So the answer to the question you cook pasta with meat today or not, it is quite obvious and predictable. 



So, in order to cook really quickly and did not waste a minute of free time, pour two liters of water in a three-liter pot, close the lid and put it on the fire to boil.
Как приготовить макароны с мясом

On capacious pan with high sides, which has a lid (very important), pour 50 grams of vegetable oil and also put it on the fire to warm up.
Как приготовить макароны с мясом

One large (or two small) bulb clean from the skin,
Как приготовить макароны с мясом

and very finely chopped. But do not rub on a grater and shred blender, otherwise let the onion juice, and we do not need.
Как приготовить макароны с мясом

Oil in a skillet, meanwhile already well warmed up, and it spread to brown our bow. Fry exactly as long as it starts to change color on a lightly golden.
Как приготовить макароны с мясом

When the onions begin to turn yellow, 300 grams of minced meat (pork, beef, or even any other) spread into a pan to the onions and immediately well interfere. If you do not, you get one big, shapeless and unappetizing cutlet and not evenly roasted minced pasta with meat.
Подлива с мясом к макаронам

Reduce to a minimum the fire under the pan and stirring occasionally, continue to cook. Do not cover the lid, as otherwise the meat galore let the juice and become self sufficient bland and not very tasty.
Подлива с мясом к макаронам

Meanwhile, boil water. Put it in 250 grams of pasta rather short (horns or ears as I took, spiral) and, uncovered, cook seven ... eight minutes.
Подлива с мясом к макаронам

Through these seven ... eight minutes Drain the water, but leave her a glass. It still is useful to us.
Подлива с мясом к макаронам

We spread the pasta in the pan to the ground beef with onion and mix all well.
Подлива с мясом к макаронам

Add a teaspoon of salt with a slide, you can put black pepper (I did not do), pour a glass of water from the very cooking pasta, and already covered with a lid, simmer for another five minutes ... seven.
Подлива с мясом к макаронам

That's all our pasta with meat ready. They can immediately apply.
Подлива с мясом к макаронам

Enjoy your meal.

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