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Zucchini baked with cheese

Zucchini baked with cheese
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With the approach of summer, as a whole, and the heat of summer in particular, I do less and less and less desirable than just vygotavlivatsya while doing the most ordinary, ordinary food. However, there are sausages and pasta, all kinds of soups from concentrate, and even more so - instant noodles, is beyond me. That's why all the new dishes that are prepared with a minimum of ingredients, under the most sparing costs and stay in the kitchen and at the same time for at least the time - this is what I see with joy and enthusiasm.



That's why the recipe zucchini, baked with cheese, try out one day just out of curiosity, it has become such a respected and welcome in my kitchen. After all, in order to make it, you will need:
• Two large (three or less) of fresh zucchini,
Кабачки запеченные с сыром

• a good bunch of dill,
Кабачки запеченные с сыром

• one small head of garlic,
Кабачки запеченные с сыром

• 120 ... 150 grams of hard cheese (you can take the most simple and cheap, it still then baked)
Кабачки запеченные с сыром

• 50 grams (or thereabouts) ordinary mayonnaise
Кабачки запеченные с сыром

• teaspoon salt and finely ground.
Кабачки запеченные под сыром

That's all, and even vegetable oil, or ground black pepper, a kind of "invisible companions' most savory dishes that are cooked in the oven, we do not need to cook the zucchini, baked with cheese.
Now, 180 ... 190 degrees set to heat up the oven.
Zucchini cut into thick slices and set aside them aside.
Кабачки запеченные под сыром

Dill wash and finely shinkuem (only herbs, stems and even more juicy, alas, are not suitable, as they are more coarse)
Кабачки запеченные под сыром

and peeled garlic, passed through the press, as well as mayonnaise,
Кабачки запеченные под сыром

mix together.
Кабачки запеченные под сыром

Cheese grater rubbed on (absolutely anyone, he is then melted) and collect our simple "puzzle."
Запеченные кабачки с сыром и чесноком

Baking was covered with baking paper, spread the zucchini,
Запеченные кабачки с сыром и чесноком

each circle spread the filling,
Запеченные кабачки с сыром и чесноком

and sprinkle with grated cheese on top of everything.
Запеченные кабачки с сыром и чесноком

We put bake in the oven on the middle shelf.
Within 10 minutes, the cheese is completely melted, zucchini are soft and wonderful aroma spread far beyond the kitchen.
Запеченные кабачки с сыром и чесноком

But do not rush to get them, and extinguish the fire in the oven and it is 10 ... 15 minutes "forget" them there. Believe me, you will not regret it.
Now they decompose and give. And as they cool down very quickly, and the delay is not worth it. Although raznosyaschiysya heady aroma of onions, baked with cheese, will not let you do that.

Bon Appetit.

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