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Dry salting of cucumbers in a package

Dry salting of cucumbers in a package
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Salted, pickled, and of course just pickles, which in an incredible amount of preservatives in the winter, I really, really love. But a variety of recipes for pickled cucumbers have always been connected with the very brine, as well as those hot or cold it is poured. But I never cooked salted cucumbers dry salting.



However, once everything happens for the first time. So Friday night, the next morning we had a great company to go on a picnic, and loudly discussed the upcoming menu, as well as one that will take, prepare, I came across a simple recipe: "pickling cucumbers dry in 12 hours." And since so much time left, I decided to make it as an experiment.
For him, it took me:
• One kilogram of fresh cucumbers. I did not take small, but they must all be the same size to prosolilis evenly and equally.
Сухая засолка огурцов в пакете

• A small bunch of dill. His wash and dry well.
Сухая засолка огурцов в пакете

• Average head of garlic. You can even take a big, this is the case when "porridge butter will not spoil."
Сухая засолка огурцов в пакете

• and a tablespoon of salt. She has to be coarse, extra can taste bitter.
Сухая засолка огурцов в пакете

Everything. My cucumbers, wipe off the excess water and cut into medium-sized, "one bite"
Сухая засолка огурцов в пакете

and fennel on the contrary, finely shinkuem.
Засолка огурцов сухим способом

Garlic clean and skip through the press.
Засолка огурцов сухим способом

Mix it all together in a tight package (very good, otherwise cucumbers prosolyatsya differently), the maximum expels air and tightly tying. To ensure I put them back in one package, and once again tied.
Now, 12 hours (I got a little more, as did the evening with the expectation of the next day), clean in the refrigerator. By the way later in the same package cucumbers was convenient to carry, without fear that they elapse.
Засолка огурцов сухим способом

That's all, salted cucumbers dry salting ready. And the only way commented on this uncomplicated snack my friends, it was something unintelligible through intense chewing, like "Why are you so little made them" !? So the next time a number of ingredients of this dish, I will multiply at least three.
Засолка огурцов сухим способом

And you - enjoy your meal.

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