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Russian salad with smoked fish

Russian salad with smoked fish
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Russian salads
Russian fish salads
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Frankly, the story of the appearance of freshness salad fish including my favorite and popular dishes is simple, as the world.



Just all the ingredients, such as three eggs,

smoked one (still can not cook it with a salt or salted, but worth it) herring,
Салат с копченой рыбой

three large fresh cucumber (or five small)
Салат с копченой рыбой

green onions, half the beam will be enough,
Салат с копченой рыбой

and mayonnaise for refueling, I have been in the refrigerator. And since most of the most simple and uncomplicated is the most delicious dish I prepared a salad Fish freshness more than once. So it today and we will do, only this time with detailed photos and text.
Салат с копченой рыбой

The first step is put to cook hard-boiled eggs. Be sure to salt water that do not even cracked the egg emerged 12 minutes after boiling water. Then, well cool under running water. So if you are cooking is not the first time, there is nothing new in this paragraph is not for you.
The fish clean of guts, bones and head and then remove the skin with two identical fillets. Cut shallow enough. And this simple operation allows you to remove the remains of the bones of herring, which we missed.
Салат с копченой рыбой рецепт

Cucumber mine, and cut into medium-sized too.
Салат с копченой рыбой рецепт

Shinkuem chives.
Салат с копченой рыбой рецепт

Meanwhile, cook and even managed well to cool the eggs. Peel them and cut into cubes the same. So yaytserezka you exactly help.
Салат с копченой рыбой рецепт

Refill all 50 ... 100 (who both loves) mayonnaise and mix. That's all wisdom, Fish Fresh salad ready. Serve and eat it immediately, as it can simply "float."
Салат с копченой рыбой рецепт

Enjoy your meal.

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