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Pork in tomato sauce

Pork in tomato sauce
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This dish - braised pork in tomato sauce, does not claim any role celebratory nor crown, nor particularly complex and volume. On the contrary, it is very, very simple, and is preparing for just half an hour. That's why it can be successfully recommended to all those who in thought, to do such a thing for dinner, but the imagination and ingenuity of today just do not have.



So, to prepare the pork in a tomato, it took me:
• 700 ... 800 grams of pork. And it is very important that it is not frozen, and chilled only. Not only that, it turns much tastier and time defrost substantial savings.
Свинина в томате

• In addition you will need a carrot of medium size (or two small)
Свинина в томате

• a large glass (300 ml) tomato juice,
Свинина в томате

• 30 ... 40 grams of vegetable oil,
Свинина в томате

• and one tea spoon of salt to the top. Even freshly ground black pepper, which is almost always needed when cooking meat, we do not need now.
Свинина в томате

The cauldron, which has a lid, pour vegetable oil and set on fire to warm up. Carrots are clean, and cut into thin and shallow enough. Just do not rub it, let the carrot juice, then you golden "not seen as their own ears."
Свинина в томате рецепт

Now lay it in the cauldron and stir immediately. But do not cover the lid, it is important.
Meat cut across fibers necessarily how to barbecue and medium-sized. So when cooking, it will be not only delicious, but also very gentle.
Свинина в томате рецепт

When carrots start to acquire a golden color (usually three or four minutes ...)
Свинина в томате рецепт

Put the pork and stir. Fry together for another five minutes, reduce heat and uncovered.
Свинина в томате рецепт

And only then pour the tomato juice, add salt, and under cover, over medium heat, simmer 12 more ... 15 minutes.
Свинина в томате рецепт

That's all wisdom, delicious braised pork in tomato sauce, ready.
Свинина в томате рецепт

That's why not only me, but the wife, and my children are asked what to cook for dinner today, almost always know the answer: pork stewed in tomato sauce.
Enjoy your meal.

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