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How to bake the pork in foil

How to bake the pork in foil
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Frankly, any meat, baked in foil, as well as pork in particular, I cook in a hurry, when very, very hungry (and hearty and tasty), and to invent something neither the strength nor the desire. So today, from a minimum of products (you are easy to buy in the nearest grocery store, for example, on the way home from work), and just one hour of time, make a delicious baked meat - namely pork in foil.



But the first thing, even before you begin cooking culinary sacrament, 200-degree turn on the oven to heat up. So you save a lot of precious minutes.
Let's get started. For this we need a piece of lean meat, the weight of 600 ... 700 grams,
Как запечь свинину в фольге

small clove garlic,
Как запечь свинину в фольге

three ... four bay leaves,
Как запечь свинину в фольге

teaspoon salt
Как запечь свинину в фольге

and freshly ground black pepper.
Как запечь свинину в фольге

That's all. The only thing - the meat must be chilled or fresh, as when defrosting "pork chunks of ice", it is fairly allocate much-needed juice when baked. And the rest - of all the preparations, you only need to peel the garlic and chop it. How to do it - a special press or just a knife, cutting its thin plastic - decide.
Рецепт запеченной свинины в фольге

Now spread the meat with salt, pepper, garlic and bay leaf, turn "sausage"
Рецепт запеченной свинины в фольге

and foil. Better - in two layers, so an impromptu roll is not exactly unfold during baking. However, I just did not have it in sufficient quantities, but still, it came very, very tasty. And most importantly, it is very important to be a foil shiny side inside, the meat he is never pristynet.
Рецепт запеченной свинины в фольге

50 minutes in the oven, bake on the middle shelf, and then another five ... seven minutes leave his income and give. And as you can see, there are no complications and intricacies in the recipe and preparation technology is simply no, all the contrary, it is absolutely simple. So another page cookbook called pork baked in foil, today we capsized.
Рецепт запеченной свинины в фольге

Enjoy your meal.

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