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How to cook the jam of cherries

How to cook cherry jam
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For the preparation of all kinds of jams, pyatiminutok, very simple, but incredibly delicious and beautiful impossible, I still always treated with some disdain. Like "yet absolutely simple, and therefore, the same is simple and the taste."



But my mother, who for many years' acquaintance with me "used to prove everything in practice, has prepared itself, and let me just write, take pictures. Especially the fact that, and the fact it took a minimum of time. But judge for yourself.
Jam-five-minute cherry (hereinafter I will definitely will test and other berries for its preparation), made from berries without tails, about two kilograms,
Как сварить варенье из черешни

and the same amount of sugar. So the proportion of 1: 1 are common to most "adult" jams, and it saves too.
Как сварить варенье из черешни

But there is one small but important trick - a glass of water. And it is not a part of any proportion, such as "100 ml per kilogram of sugar and berries," and a catalyst only in the kitchen. Thanks to him, much more abundant berries will allocate the juice, and themselves in a jam will become more plump and small, as I like. If you have other preferences - just add water, cherry-Orientation meeting will still wonderful, both in taste and in the appetizing appearance.
Как сварить варенье из черешни

Put the berries with sugar on fire. When it starts to boil - to pinpoint exactly five minutes.
Как сварить варенье из черешни

In the meantime, do not wait patiently "for the sea weather," and put the sterilized jars. In a colander over a saucepan with water,
Как сварить варенье из черешни

or in a double boiler - you decide. But in a couple of minutes over boiling water it will be enough.
Now decompose hot (be careful not to burn) the jam and close the flip-top lid. The liquid portion is more than half of the banks, so that a clear, amber syrup, for which we have all this was conceived, will be enough.
That's all,
Как сварить варенье из черешни

Jam-five-minute cherry ready. And you can have it, and as soon as it cools down (then it makes no sense to close it in the bank), and at the time of year when fresh berries are not available. And as I saw for myself, the second option is preferable, because the taste is more complete and rich.
But no matter how simple and wonderful was this recipe, it is impossible to transfer pictures or the taste or color. So you have all the same jam cook it to itself to assess whether this is a wonderful pudding. Although, as you have just seen, there is no difficulty.
Enjoy your appetite.

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