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Marinated zucchini

Маринованные кабачки быстрого приготовления
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The recipe of marinated zucchini, love me a very long time. Ever since the days when I first started to cook their own, making its first, tentative steps. And it coincided with a general shortage of food and with my students, which is partly held away from home. And many of the dishes had to invent on the fly, from what was available, and not go to the nearest supermarket with a list of required ingredients as often I do it now. But I would still like it to be so delicious, interesting, and most importantly - very simple, that years later I am preparing the pickled zucchini often enough.



So, to them you do need two small or one large zucchini.
Маринованные кабачки быстрого приготовления

them (or it), cut into slices. And what they are thinner, faster promarinuyutsya our marrows.
Маринованные кабачки быстрого приготовления

One medium carrot clean,
Маринованные кабачки быстрого приготовления

and cut into thin strips, or three at the most coarse grater. And I use this knife for Korean carrot.
Маринованные кабачки быстрого приготовления

Major bulb onion to clean,
Маринованные кабачки быстрого приготовления

and cut into thin half-rings. Vegetables prepared now make the marinade.
Маринованные кабачки рецепт

To this blend 50 grams of vegetable oil,
Маринованные кабачки рецепт

30 ml (two tablespoons of vinegar)
Маринованные кабачки рецепт

10 grams of salt - teaspoon with a good slide,
Маринованные кабачки рецепт

sugar - 30 grams or two tablespoons,
Маринованные кабачки рецепт

and 15 grams of a mixture of spices for pilaf. In fact, I tried to cook marinated zucchini and other variations, but this combination is the most successful and delicious.
Быстрые маринованные кабачки рецепт

Now, mix the marinade as long as salt and sugar is completely dissolved. Make no mistake, it will take at least five minutes.
Быстрые маринованные кабачки рецепт

Mix the vegetables and pour the marinade over them. In principle, marinated zucchini ready in 15 minutes,
Быстрые маринованные кабачки рецепт

but we just leave them on the table without taking in the refrigerator and pulling yoke on cheyre ... six hours. Believe me, it will be more tasty.
That's all the wisdom,

Enjoy your meal.

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