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Manna cheesecake recipe

Манник творожный рецепт
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All sorts of dishes from cottage cheese I cook with enviable regularity. But the recipe for this cheesecake Manica, despite the fact that I got a very long time, has been implemented until now. I do not know why, but what happened, happened. All the more so because of its unusual taste, very soon, I'll make it again. Even children who are with a light hand dubbed it "curd maniac", ate it with great pleasure. A thankful consumers, silently absorbing his concoction, and even asked to supplement, this is the best compliment anyone, even the most venerable cooking.



Therefore I have today in the menu - a classic cheesecake manna.
So, for its preparation we need:
• 500 grams of cottage cheese,
Творожный манник

• 150 grams of semolina,
Творожный манник

• 100 grams of sugar,
Творожный манник

• 250 ml of milk (can be mixed with water)
Творожный манник

• Three chicken eggs,
Творожный манник

• and one teaspoon of baking powder with a slide. Although if he is not - use the same amount of soda. Only the pre-extinguish it with vinegar.
Манник творожный рецепт

Cottage cheese, semolina and baking powder pour the milk and mix well. Is set aside, even semolina 10 ... 15 minutes swells.
Манник творожный рецепт

We share the egg yolks and whites on. In the yolks and half the sugar fall asleep, beat well. They will increase in volume at times, change color and give our cheesecake Manica primary air.
Манник творожный рецепт

On the 210-degree turn on the oven to heat up. Add the egg yolks in a cottage cheese and mix basis.
Манник творожный рецепт

The proteins are adding the second half of the sugar and whisk too. They will not just be a lot, but a lot, and an ideal test would simply turn capacity for whipping: Do not fall - enough drop - whip on.
Манник творожный рецепт

Add and mix them too. Proteins are not just air and weightless, so do not waste a lot of time. Especially because the less you interfere, the more magnificent and the air is our manna cheese.
Творожный манник рецепт с фото

Pour everything into a silicone or detachable form and put on the uppermost shelf of the oven.
Творожный манник рецепт с фото

The first 15 minutes do not remove the fire, and then reduce to 180 degrees temperature and another 50 minutes to "forget" where our almost finished cheese manna.
Творожный манник рецепт с фото

But then do not take the time to get it, and an hour and a half ... just let it walk.
Творожный манник рецепт с фото

That's all, our cheese manna ready. And do not forget to cook it with milk or cocoa
Brew a strong and aromatic black tea. It will be much tastier.
Творожный манник рецепт с фото

Enjoy your appetite.

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