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Cottage cheese casserole with herbs

Творожная запеканка с зеленью
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All kinds of simple, very simple, and vice versa, quite complex and multi-stage, I have practical knowledge and experience, more than a dozen. But meanwhile the lion's share of them - sweet and very sweet desserts, while salty foods - one, two and obchelsya. And I perceive the interests of each of them, trying not to fish or cut bait, as soon as possible to prepare. That is why I have today in the menu - salty cottage cheese casserole with herbs and how to do it - I'm with you, and share.



So, to prepare this pudding with greens, you will need:
• 500 grams of cheese, it is desirable - not too dry,
Творожная запеканка с зеленью

• Three chicken eggs,
Творожная запеканка с зеленью

• 150 grams of semolina or same - breadcrumbs,
Творожная запеканка с зеленью

• 200 ... 250 ml (depending on the cheese) milk
Творожная запеканка с зеленью

• Two teaspoons of baking powder to the test,
Творожная запеканка с зеленью

• Two small tomatoes,
Творожная запеканка с зеленью

• and a small beam (I took half of) parsley
Соленая творожная запеканка

• and dill.
Соленая творожная запеканка

• And of course - heaped teaspoon of ordinary table salt.
Соленая творожная запеканка

And yet - it was worth putting a couple of cloves of garlic. But I just did not have them in stock, and the upcoming long and three-dimensional communication at the parents' meeting, discourage hunting me to add it. Although - the choice is yours.
So, we proceed to cooking. Put to boil water and heat up the oven to 200 degrees. Greens wash and put it to drain the water to make our casserole with herbs not "floated".
Cottage cheese, semolina, milk, eggs, salt and baking powder mixed together.
Соленая творожная запеканка

The water began to boil. Tomatoes make a small incision crossed fill five ... ten seconds with boiling water, then remove and hassle-free and hassle remove tough outer skin.
Соленая творожная запеканка

Cut them in small thin slices.
Соленая творожная запеканка

Dill finely shinkuem,
Творожная запеканка с зеленью рецепт

and parsley cut has larger.
Творожная запеканка с зеленью рецепт

All this is mixed with curd basis,
Творожная запеканка с зеленью рецепт

and fill in the appropriate form. Take it with "reserve" as our casserole with herbs good rise. Now put in the oven on the top shelf, let them come up and browns, for 15 minutes. The temperature is then reduced to 180 and cook another 50 minutes so ... hour.
Творожная запеканка с зеленью рецепт

That's all wisdom, our cottage cheese casserole with herbs and tomatoes ready. And it is delicious as hot, with heat from the heat and the room temperature. So prepare it at least once, just worth it to see this on their own.
Творожная запеканка с зеленью рецепт

Enjoy your appetite.

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