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Russian salad scallion with egg

Russian salad scallion with egg
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Russian salads
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Prepare something for my mother, to her surprise, and of course, it is nice to please your culinary talents, willed my youngest son. And as an essential and indispensable to the fulfillment of this condition was "I'll make it all himself, and you can only watch and suggest," I invited him to make a simple, but very tasty salad with green onion and egg. Such a "edible curtsy" in favor of spring. And while green onions are on sale all year round, at this time of year it is the most relevant and in demand.



So, ingredients to prepare this salad with green onion and egg, need only four:
• a large bundle of green onions,
Салат с зеленым луком и яйцом

• Two (although can take three, worse will not be exact) large eggs,
Салат с зеленым луком и яйцом

• 150 ... 200 grams of sour cream,
Салат с зеленым луком и яйцом

• a good pinch of salt and finely ground.
Салат с зеленым луком и яйцом

The first step is to cook hard-boiled eggs. 12 minutes after boiling water, then cool down well in the cold. I do it all under running water, and with the success that repeated my "chef-intern". Oh, and do not forget to put in the cooking teaspoon of salt: no, even cracked the egg is not spilled.
Carefully my good shake off the water (or dry them with paper towels) and large shinkuem onions.
Салат с зеленым луком и яйцом

Cut into small cubes eggs,
Салат с зеленым луком и яйцом

salt, all dressed with sour cream and mix thoroughly.
Салат с зеленым луком и яйцом

Salad with green onion and egg ready. We serve immediately and eat it as fresh vegetable and "tries" to start up the juice. And with him, our platter accurately "will float" and not be so invitingly and look great on your plate.

And the rest - Enjoy your meal.

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