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Salty wheat crackers

Сухарики в домашних условиях в духовке
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For many years I experimented with different recipes, techniques and varieties of bread themselves, hoping to get "the same taste" salty wheat crackers. Sachets which just overwhelmed with all the food stalls, without exception (and not only) stores. But here's the thing: I did not get to do something like that.



But one day, to be exact - Friday evening when I came home to drink beer with friends male company, one of my friends heard my lament that did not get to repeat one of the most popular snacks in his kitchen, quietly said that he never and never will. And the reason - the bread from which they do not have anything to do with the fact that we regularly buy. On the contrary, it is specially baked by a special process, but what else is put into salty wheat crackers, it is better not to know. And to confirm his words he cited the fact that once visited in the workplace, they have stopped at all, while I cooked wheaten salty crackers, was eating for both cheeks. So t is the difference - for the better.
Therefore, encouraged by his words, today I have for you to prepare delicious salty crackers wheat, especially since it's insanely easy.
So bread. Absolutely anyone, even callous, "not the first freshness." Amiss either. But as it is softer, the greater must be the knife that you slice it. It should get the same straw with smooth rather than ragged edges.
Сухарики в домашних условиях в духовке

In addition it will need:
• salt, preferably small extra, the rate of four teaspoons per loaf,
Сухарики в домашних условиях в духовке

• mixture of spices based on paprika (I took the "soft adjika"), only a couple of tablespoons of a slide,
Сухарики в домашних условиях в духовке

• and 50 grams of vegetable oil. Absolutely anyone, but always refined, so that it can not stand the smell. That's it, proceed directly to the cooking.
Сухарики в домашних условиях в духовке

200 ... 210 degrees set to heat up the oven, and in the meantime sliced ​​bread for our future wheat salted crackers.
Сухарики в домашних условиях в духовке

We spread them on a baking tray and pour salt and seasoning. Gently (especially if you have fresh bread) mix, so as not to break.
Домашние сухарики в духовке

Only now pour them even more oil and stir gently. From personal experience: it is better to do it by hand.
Домашние сухарики в духовке

Put in the oven at the very top shelf, reduce to a minimum the fire and dry them for 20 minutes. Although fresh bread safely increase this time to 25 minutes ... an hour.
That's all of our savory wheat crackers ready. The only "but" - give them ten minutes just to cool down. Crunch will be much stronger.
Домашние сухарики в духовке

Enjoy your appetite.

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