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Rye crackers

Ржаные сухарики с чесноком в духовке
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One morning at breakfast, I came across a loaf of bread Borodino from the nearest supermarket, as they themselves say, "its own baking." But not for its taste and aroma, it attracted me, and his very dense, almost solid (and it is - in a fresh loaf) structure. And though I knew that just on the taste of rye crackers it will affect very slightly, almost nothing, then "hrustyavosti" - very much. I was not wrong, and so I have today in the menu simple but very tasty and crispy rye crackers.



For the preparation of rye crackers I needed a small (about 400 grams) loaf of bread Borodino,
Ржаные сухарики с чесноком в духовке

heaped tablespoon sweet paprika (and nothing more, the taste of Borodino bread itself is very rich and interesting)
Ржаные сухарики с чесноком в духовке

the same amount of fine salt,
Ржаные сухарики с чесноком в духовке

and three times more - of vegetable oil. Everything. Getting Started, if I may say so, to the mystery of cooking.
Ржаные сухарики с чесноком в духовке

At 200 degrees set to heat up the oven, and in the meantime long thin strips of sliced ​​bread. So a sharp knife is a must.
Ржаные сухарики в домашних условиях

We spread the bread in the pan, add salt, paprika, and very carefully, but no less accurately (not to break dlinnenkie niche, but still very delicate, future rye crackers), mix them.
Ржаные сухарики в домашних условиях

We put on the top shelf in the oven (but not in the case of someone not under the included grilling) and three ... five minutes bake them golden brown. Then reduce to 180 degrees heat and 20 minutes we dry them.
We reach now the pan, add the butter, again mix well (careful not to burn yourself during removal), and another 15 ... 20 minutes, remove them again. Again to the top of the oven, and in no way changing the temperature, evaporated to dryness
Ржаные сухарики в домашних условиях

Rye crackers are almost ready, but they must be allowed to cool to room temperature. So they become really crunchy and tasty. Just like from a bag, only completely natural ingredients, which is always at hand.
Ржаные сухарики в домашних условиях

Enjoy your appetite.

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