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Classic sprat Russian salad.

Classic sprat Russian salad.
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Recipe for this classic salad sprat grandmother told my neighbor's birthday party to which I was invited every summer. And though "his legs grow" ever since the Soviet total deficit, when most of the products in cans purchased in advance, "on occasion", and left for the upcoming holiday, this classic salad sprat has not lost relevance today.



And all because it is absolutely easy to cook (which you now and make sure), but the taste of it simply matchless. However, in order to see this, it all the same will have to do. But: the most simple products that are in the nearest grocery store year round.
So, without wasting time in vain, 75 grams (five tablespoons) of rice wash, pour half a liter of water and put the stew. Under the hood, and when it comes to a boil, reduce to a minimum the fire, and cook until all the water until it is absorbed.
Салат шпротный рецепт с фото

In parallel, two chicken stew boiled eggs set:
• 12 minutes after boiling;
• Put a spoonful of water in the salt, so that even a cracked egg is not leaked;
• Let cool then under running cold water.
Салат шпротный рецепт с фото

One medium cucumber mine,
Салат шпротный рецепт с фото

and cut not too finely.
Салат шпротный рецепт с фото

With banks sprat merge all the oil. This is very important, otherwise our classic sprat salad simply "will float."
Салат шпротный рецепт с фото

Meanwhile, boil eggs. Clean them and chopped into cubes (yaytserezka to help you).
Шпротный салат рецепт

Cook rice to cool down to room temperature, so we shift it directly into a salad bowl, where everything will be mixed, and then serve.
Шпротный салат рецепт

Now all components of mayonnaise (quite a bit, it should only bind all the ingredients, not to dominate throughout a variety of flavors)
Шпротный салат рецепт

and stir. As such, our classic sprat salad should stand for about half an hour to taste it became one. But believe me (just know from personal experience), such "torture" few of us survive.
Шпротный салат рецепт

That's all, enjoy your appetite.

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