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Fried mushrooms in sour cream

Жареные грибы со сметаной
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Mushroom dishes
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Fried mushrooms in sour cream, I do not just love, and cook them at every opportunity arises, but simply adore. Their incomparable flavor, and no less funky smell that extends far beyond the kitchen, crazy and expectations of all those who will be with me today at the table. But here's the thing: I live in a city in which there is simply no sale of forest mushrooms. A fresh mushrooms and oyster though are some consolation for the amateur fried mushrooms in sour cream (that is me) often do not have the proper taste or at least some flavor.



But one day I aimlessly hanging out at supermarkets and grocery stores in anticipation of the couple on the same rows of cans with different conservation, saw the label: "Forest mushrooms, pasteurized." And though the brains I knew that no they are not the forest, and grown in the greenhouse at the special enterprises, most likely in China, I decided to try to make them the most classic way - in a cream sauce. And you know, it turned out, if not perfect, it is very, very good, rich and interesting flavor and aroma. What, in fact, I hasten to share with you.
But first of all set to heat up in the casserole with a lid vegetable oil. Does not matter what, but quite a lot - about 50 grams.
Жареные грибы со сметаной

Two major (and can take three) bulbs are clean,
Жареные грибы со сметаной

finely chopped,
Жареные грибы со сметаной

and spread to brown.
Жареные грибы со сметаной

Mushrooms. As already mentioned above, it is still what, weighing not less than half a kilogram (I took two cans of 330 ml). Merge them with brine,
Жареные грибы со сметаной

especially coarsely chopped,
Жареные грибы со сметаной

and who has already order redden onions,
Грибы со сметаной и луком

spread. Mix well and fry over medium heat for five ... seven ... ten minutes. More precisely - see for yourself, but the best proof,
Грибы со сметаной и луком

it's time to add 250 grams of sour cream is that they begin to "shoot" and "jump". If it does not - it does not matter, they still have half progotovilis.
Грибы со сметаной и луком

Add a teaspoon of salt with a slide,
Грибы со сметаной и луком

mix, and a small fire under the lid, simmer 12 more minutes.
Грибы со сметаной и луком

That's all wisdom, our mushrooms in sour cream ready. And you know, it came out very, very cool, almost like wild mushrooms. Only you are not afraid, well if you have them and where they were taken up at all.

And on a side dish, as it did not want to cook potatoes (fry, boil, bake or mash), cook the rice. Such a "yin and yang" you on a plate.
Грибы со сметаной и луком

That's all, enjoy your appetite.

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